Joseph’s Colored Coat Paper Dolls

I love incorporating Bible stories at my Preschool.  This is the first time I’ve taught the story of Joseph.  We’re going to spend 1 week talking about his colored coat and his brothers selling him as a slave, 1 week talking about Potiphar’s house and going to jail and a final week talking about Joseph as a leader and the famine.  Just for fun we made Joseph paper dolls with beautiful colored coats.

Joseph Finished

Go, go, go Joseph you’ll make it someday…  Seriously every time I read this story I start singing the song from the play, “Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat”.  Love that musical!!Joseph Doll

I began by printing the paper dolls on cardstock and the coats on card stock.  The kids colored the dolls and we put them on popsicle sticks.Joseph back coat

Second we covered the paper “coat” in glue and added strips of random fabric.  I was lucky enough to have a friend with lots of beautiful scraps.
Joseph front coat

After they dried the excess fabric was trimmed off and a popsicle stick was added. Joseph coats done

Aren’t they cute?  The all turned out so different.  The kids are going to love re-telling the story using their puppets.
Joseph Finished

Download the PDF of the paper dolls

Download the PDF of the coats


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Snowflake Valentines

vday doily 1

I know that they aren’t actually snowflake Valentine’s, but that’s what my students are calling them.

vday doily 3Aren’t they simply adorable?   I love each and every one and I can’t wait to put them in the students’ scrapbooks.vday doily 2Right now they are decorating the walls coming into the school.  Simply find round paper doilies, (I found mine at my local grocery store!) paint and some cute little hands.

I backed mine on construction paper to make the pictures POP a little off of the walls.  So cute!!

Happy Crafting!
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Valentine Journal Writing

I love hearing from kids about what 3 and 4 year olds love.  The silly answers like, “my doggy”, “chocolate” or “playing at the park” make my heart smile.  I use these simple journal printables to take a PEEK into their little brains and see what they are thinking.  I made two versions depending on the writing skills of those that you work with.vday journal blank small

vday journal I love smallDownload the printable FREEBIES below.

Tracing I love writing PDF

Blank love writing PDF

Happy journaling!!
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Heart Pattern Match

Sometimes it is difficult for young ones to recognize patterns.  You can use these printables to not only discuss different patterns on hearts, but also have children practice matching patterns on hearts.  Print out the freebies below and use with the little ones in your care!small heart match bwsmall heart match color

Download the Freebies below!!
Color Printable
B/W Printable

Have a great day!

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Valentine Bingo Printables

I love a good old fashioned Bingo game and my students love it too!!  What better time to play than Valentine’s Day?  Here are a few printables to make your child’s Valentine’s Day special and full of fun.small bingo boards pic

I like to let the kids mark the letters they have with candy hearts.  YUMMY!  Download the printables below.

Valentine Bingo Heart Boards (Print on Cardstock)

Letter Calling Cards

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Thankful Book

I just love making a thankful book each year with my Pre-K students.  turkey I have a FREE printable that you can use for a cover and writing pages inside.  The cover is flexible.  What do you want to put on the front?  We’re making pasta turkeys but you could make handprint turkeys or simply a photo of the child.example

Download the PDF version of the cover and writing pages.


Enjoy & Happy Thanksgiving!

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Apple Pre-K Pack

I am so excited to announce that I completed an amazing Pre-K pack for an apple theme.  The pack is 36 pages long.

apple pack coverThe majority of the activities are in black and white making it a great option for classrooms.  It includes:

Letter Writing Practice – A, B, P & T

Beginning Writing Practice

Straight line cutting practice

Size sequence activity

Sorting by color Game

Counting Game

Color Word Writing

Small Sight Word Book

Number MatchingApple Number Match

Two Number Writing Books (Numbers 1-5)Number Writing Two

Letter Identification Game for letter Aa

This pack is available in my Shop for only $1.50!!!  It will provide hours of practice for Pre-K kids in your care or in your school.  I have loved using it in my own Preschool over the past few months.  Several of the activities are advanced and would work for the Kindergarten classroom as well.

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I know I promised you more apple stuff, and I promise, it’s coming.  This year I’m managing three different Preschool classes and two separate curriculums.  It’s fun, but surely keeping me on my toes.

In the beginning of the year we like to do LOTS of color related activities.  Often the students know their colors when they begin Preschool, but that’s not always the case so we incorporate it into all that we do to make sure it’s learned.

One of  my favorite things is COLOR DAY at school.  All of the students are asked to wear something that is a specific color.  In addition they get to bring something for “sharing time” that is the color.  It’s so cute to see them all together matching.  Don’t you love a great Preschool picture where half of the kids aren’t looking.  Ha!  What a crew.  Not bad for the second week of school.Wear Colors

We like to do lots of painting and that naturally includes colors.  They are not only asking fellow students to pass specific colors but having to match paint brush colors to paint cup colors to make sure they go back in the right color.  It’s great practice!  I highly recommend these cups from Discount School Supply.Paint with colors

The students just adore sorting activities.  Just for fun we use kid sized tweezers and it adds a great fine motor component to the color recognition and math skill of sorting.  We started the week sorting colors plastic bugs and moved on to pom pom balls of all sizes.  The tiny ones were tricky!Color Sort

I also love having the kids use sticky glue.  Sometimes I’m surprised how many of them have never used it at home!  We make lots of collages including favorite color collages or collages of items that are our color of the week.  Below the Pre-K kids complete their “favorite color” collage.  I provide lots of tactile colored materials and they get to glue on anything that is their favorite color.fav color collage

Hopefully this adds to your already long (I’m sure) list of color related activities.


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Apple Time

I just love Fall!  Cooler weather (at least in Colorado), changing of leaves and back to school.  One of my favorite Preschool themes is Apples.  It naturally lends itself to the study of colors, sizes and lots of amazing and fun art projects.  I plan to share several things with you over the next few weeks, but let’s start with a great apple counting game. Apple Sort 2

It’s called 1, 2, 3, Count with me.  Directions are included in the FREE download!!  Apple Sort 1



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Beginning Writing Practice Sheets

It’s the beginning of the school year and I think I need a nap.  🙂  Wow!  Who knew getting back into the school routine could make me SO TIRED!!

To introduce the students to the concept of pre-writing we begin with straight lines, move to curved lines and circles.  We practice these with lots of activities including hunting for lines around the classroom and making them in shaving cream.

Shaving Cream

We even paint them on paper and practice writing them on white board tracing sheets.

more tracing

I created simple sheets for the kids to trace from the green “starting mark” to the red “stopping mark”.  I then insert them into page protectors and voila!  Instant wipe off practice pages for the kids.  The kids just love choosing which color marker to use and for fun we use pompom balls as erasers.  The pompom balls add a pop of fun and color to the activity.

Line Tracing

You are welcome to use the tracing sheets if they might help your Preschool aged kiddo prepare for writing.

Download the straight line tracing sheet


Download the curved line tracing sheet


Happy back to school!!

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