Pre-Kindergarten – Letter Aa

So many people wonder what to do with their Pre-Kindergarten kiddos to provide a well rounded curriculum.  Well, I’d love to share our plan with you!  Each week we have a focus on a letter, color/shape, math concept and Bible story.  Follow along at your own Preschool school or at home with your little one for ideas!  Join us!

We have two different age groups of cuties with us.  Preschool, which are young 3’s to young 4’s and Pre-K, which is 4’s-5’s.  Today I’ll share “What we did” with our Pre-Kindergarten kiddos for letter Aa week.

We spent a long introduction on letter Aa, what shape it has and the sound it makes.  Then we get the chance to practice!  We built letter A on foam mats with wood pieces from Handwriting Without Tears.

build it

Then we tried it with shaving cream.  Oh the joyful giggles we got upon success.  Makes it all totally worth it!!

shaving cream

On the second day of letter Aa practice we use “Wipe It” boards.  Basically I printed out the “Wipe It” pages and then insert them into page protectors.  They make great wipe off boards.  If you make a mistake, no worries!!

wipe it

We also color the “Read it” books for letter Aa.  They are books that progress through various sight words during the year.  We begin with simply a word and end up adding on sight words to make simple sentences.  The entire set of Read-It books will be available in my shop soon!

read it

At this point in the year we search for letter Aa in the book and color it with a marker.  Later we’ll search for sight words.

a book

For Math we also worked on sorting by color.  We sorted paper apples in various forms, pom pom balls and bugs.  The kids loved it!   You can find the apple game below in my apple sort

more apple sort

To add a fine motor element sometimes we use clothes pins to pick up and move the objects or kid tweezers.sort bugs

We also read the story of David and Goliath and make stick puppets.


We had such a great week.  It’s amazing to see all they can learn in such a short amount of time!

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Preschool – Letter Aa

So many people wonder what to do with their Preschool kiddos to provide a well rounded curriculum.  Well, I’d love to share our plan with you!  Each week we have a focus on a letter, color/shape, math concept and Bible story.  Follow along at your own Preschool school or at home with your little one for ideas!  Join us!

We have two different age groups of cuties with us.  Preschool, which are young 3’s to young 4’s and Pre-K, which is 4’s-5’s.  Today I’ll share “What we did” with our Preschool kiddos and then another day I’ll share what the Pre-K did.

After introducing the letter Aa and the sound it makes we completed a do-a-dot project for Aa.  You can find these in my “shop” for Creative Preschool Resources.  Just $1.50 for the entire alphabet, upper & lower case!do a dot

While one group was making their do-a-dot A’s, the other half of the class was listening to “The Biggest Apple” on the listening center.  I always get my listening centers from Scholastic.

For math we focused on sorting this week!  We sorted apples by color, pom pom balls by color and even plastic bugs by color.

sort bugs

We read the story David and Goliath this week incorporating lots of action to get the kids involved.  To help them re-tell the story we created David & Goliath stick puppets.


The next day we created the cutest capital A’s and turned them into alligators with googly eyes.  This project is from ABC Twiggles.


We celebrated a birthday with a cute little 3 year old!!birthday color hats

Above we created color hats for our color of the week, red.  Of course, the week wouldn’t be complete without a wear red day and red sharing (aka show & tell) day.  Such a fun week for these little ones.  Throw in free choice, recess, stories, songs and cleaning up and our 4.5 hours were very productive!

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Rainbow Hats

Who doesn’t love St. Patrick’s Day?  The green, the rainbows… the GOLD.  🙂  This year in conjunction with our Noah and the Ark unit we are learning about rainbows and tying in St. Patrick’s Day.Rainbow hat cover

First begin by cutting colored construction paper into rainbow colored strips.  The longer the strips the higher the hat will be, so this is just an example of size:rainbow hat 2

red – 12 inches,  orange -11.5 inches,  yellow- 11 inches,  green- 10.5 inches,  blue- 10 inches and purple 9.5 inches.  (I actually did a little bit smaller than this for mine, but use any length in increments of a half an inch.

Have the students put them in rainbow order.rainbow hat 1

Staple each side together to get a rainbow.

Rainbow hat 3

Attach the rainbow to a paper hat, then glue on “clouds” aka cotton balls.  Super cute!

Rainbow hat 4

It’s not too late to throw these together for St. Patrick’s Day on Monday.  Happy crafting!

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Joseph’s Colored Coat

Oh my goodness! I simply loved this project and the kids did too!! To enhance the story of Joseph and his coat we decided that we just had to make our very own coats.Joseph bag coat final

We used large paper grocery bags from our local grocery store. Before cutting or trimming them we asked the kids to color them with LOTS of colors just like Joseph’s richly ornamented robe.Joseph bag coat 2

Aren’t they just so cute? The kids loved modeling their coats after we trimmed them and added arm holes.  The kids were able to act out the beginning of the story of Joseph.Joseph bag coat 3

Have fun!!

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Joseph’s Colored Coat Paper Dolls

I love incorporating Bible stories at my Preschool.  This is the first time I’ve taught the story of Joseph.  We’re going to spend 1 week talking about his colored coat and his brothers selling him as a slave, 1 week talking about Potiphar’s house and going to jail and a final week talking about Joseph as a leader and the famine.  Just for fun we made Joseph paper dolls with beautiful colored coats.

Joseph Finished

Go, go, go Joseph you’ll make it someday…  Seriously every time I read this story I start singing the song from the play, “Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat”.  Love that musical!!Joseph Doll

I began by printing the paper dolls on cardstock and the coats on card stock.  The kids colored the dolls and we put them on popsicle sticks.Joseph back coat

Second we covered the paper “coat” in glue and added strips of random fabric.  I was lucky enough to have a friend with lots of beautiful scraps.
Joseph front coat

After they dried the excess fabric was trimmed off and a popsicle stick was added. Joseph coats done

Aren’t they cute?  The all turned out so different.  The kids are going to love re-telling the story using their puppets.
Joseph Finished

Download the PDF of the paper dolls

Download the PDF of the coats


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CHRISTmas Pre-K Pack

I love Christmas, but the reason I love it has nothing to do with Santa or presents.  For me and my family we love celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ!

There are tons of Pre-K packs and Kindergarten Packs out there, but not many that are based purely on the story of the birth of Christ and the characters from that story.

I have a FREE 4 Page Mini Pack you can download.  Please share this mini Pre-K pack with your friends by “pinning it”!  The mini packs includes:

-Letter Jj Writing

– Number Writing

– Ordering by Size

– Tracing shapes

In addition I have created a 20 page pack for $1.50.  You can buy the full pack by visiting my SHOP.

The full pack includes the items listed above as well as: 7 Puzzles, Stick Puppets, An easy-to-read decodable book, Nativity character sorting, Cutting Practice, Straight line tracing, Angled line tracing, Letter Jj Hunt Game, Beginning Sound Activity, Character name tracing, and Nativity Math Patterning.  It provides you 15 activities of Pre-K fun covering lots of Language Arts and Math Standards!!

Visit my SHOP to purchase the full Pre-K pack for $1.50.

Enjoy!  Happy teaching and Merry CHRISTmas!!!

These adorable graphics are from The Crafty Clip at

Bible Story

For some reason each year the story of Zacchaeus {the Wee Little Man} is always a favorite among my students.  I don’t know if it’s the fun song we sing, or that we get to act out being a tiny little tax collector, but they LUV it!  {By the way, we’ve been studying money to correspond with this story since he was a tax collector.  See the connection?}

Anyways, here’s a super cute project we made.  Simply trace the students forearm and hand onto brown construction paper and cut it out, or allow the children to depending on their cutting skills.  Glue it on to blue background paper, add Jesus and green construction paper grass.  Sponge paint the tree.  Glue Zacchaeus into the tree.  Happy Bible story telling!

Jonah and the Big Fish

I just love watching the kids eyes light up when they hear the story of Jonah for the first time and they hear about the big fish swallowing Jonah…  just priceless.  To help us remember all of the fun we’ve had with the Jonah story we are making these adorable {at least I think so} paper stuffed whales.  Your kids will LOVE making these with you! Continue reading

Jonah Stick Puppets

Jonah go to Nineveh and tell the people about me.  That’s right, this week we’re learning the story of Jonah.  We are making the most adorable stick puppets.

The kids just love retelling the story using these puppets.  Can you tell?  Continue reading

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