Heart Pattern Match

Sometimes it is difficult for young ones to recognize patterns.  You can use these printables to not only discuss different patterns on hearts, but also have children practice matching patterns on hearts.  Print out the freebies below and use with the little ones in your care!small heart match bwsmall heart match color

Download the Freebies below!!
Color Printable
B/W Printable

Have a great day!

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I know I promised you more apple stuff, and I promise, it’s coming.  This year I’m managing three different Preschool classes and two separate curriculums.  It’s fun, but surely keeping me on my toes.

In the beginning of the year we like to do LOTS of color related activities.  Often the students know their colors when they begin Preschool, but that’s not always the case so we incorporate it into all that we do to make sure it’s learned.

One of  my favorite things is COLOR DAY at school.  All of the students are asked to wear something that is a specific color.  In addition they get to bring something for “sharing time” that is the color.  It’s so cute to see them all together matching.  Don’t you love a great Preschool picture where half of the kids aren’t looking.  Ha!  What a crew.  Not bad for the second week of school.Wear Colors

We like to do lots of painting and that naturally includes colors.  They are not only asking fellow students to pass specific colors but having to match paint brush colors to paint cup colors to make sure they go back in the right color.  It’s great practice!  I highly recommend these cups from Discount School Supply.Paint with colors

The students just adore sorting activities.  Just for fun we use kid sized tweezers and it adds a great fine motor component to the color recognition and math skill of sorting.  We started the week sorting colors plastic bugs and moved on to pom pom balls of all sizes.  The tiny ones were tricky!Color Sort

I also love having the kids use sticky glue.  Sometimes I’m surprised how many of them have never used it at home!  We make lots of collages including favorite color collages or collages of items that are our color of the week.  Below the Pre-K kids complete their “favorite color” collage.  I provide lots of tactile colored materials and they get to glue on anything that is their favorite color.fav color collage

Hopefully this adds to your already long (I’m sure) list of color related activities.


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Apple Time

I just love Fall!  Cooler weather (at least in Colorado), changing of leaves and back to school.  One of my favorite Preschool themes is Apples.  It naturally lends itself to the study of colors, sizes and lots of amazing and fun art projects.  I plan to share several things with you over the next few weeks, but let’s start with a great apple counting game. Apple Sort 2

It’s called 1, 2, 3, Count with me.  Directions are included in the FREE download!!  Apple Sort 1



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Preschool Valentine Printables!

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it!  Here are some fun printables that I created last year for Valentine’s Day that you might enjoy with your little ones!  Feel free to download and use as desired.

candy heart patterning - Page 001Download the Candy Heart Patterns worksheet

heart ordering 1-14 bw - Page 001Download the Heart Ordering Page here

heart sorting - Page 001Download the Candy Heart Sorting Page Here

I hope these come in handy with the upcoming Valentine holiday!

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Feed the Penguin Game

Hi all!  I hope you are enjoying Winter.  It was downright cold here in Colorado for about 4-5 days (like a high of 15) and now we’re going to have a week in the 50’s.  Oh how I love Colorado weather!  Anyways, this week at Preschool is letter “Pp” week.  We are of course learning about Penguins and played a super fun counting game.feed penguin cover

I printed out the game cards numbered 1-12.  I told the kids that the penguins were hungry and needed to be fed the correct amount of fish.  We used Swedish fish, but you could also use Goldfish or pictures of fish.feed penguin 1

I hope you and your little ones enjoy this counting game as much as we did!feed penguin 2

You can download the JPEG of each number to manipulate the size as desired here:

1    2    3    4     6   7   8   9   10   11   12

Have fun feeding the penguins!small signature





Candy Cane Paper Patterns

Good morning all!  I don’t know about you, but we’re having a warm December so far.  It’s been in the 40’s-60’s for weeks with no end in sight yet.  For Denver, Colorado, that’s warm.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the nice weather…  I just want to add a little cold and snow in here and there.  🙂

This week in preschool we’re working on lots of things for Christmas, but one is patterns particularly with Candy Canes.  Last week I posted a candy cane painting project.  Today we’re making Candy Cane patterns using construction paper.  It’s great fine motor building for their little fingers to have to pick up tiny bits of paper.  We made these cuties!

For the 3 year olds we keep the patterns simple using ABAB.

First print out my Candy Cane Pattern Printable here:  Candy Cane PDF.  There are two on a page.

Secondly add a strip of glue over the candy cane shape and ask your kids to create a pattern using small bits of paper.

For the Pre-K Students their patterns got a little more complicated!


Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Candy Canes YUM!

Hi all!  I hope you have enjoyed the Nativity Pre-K Pack I posted this week.  It’s so cute and I can’t wait to get started with my own preschoolers.  Next week we’ll be focusing on candy canes for our math unit.  The academic standards we will be focusing on are patterning and positional words.

I created this cute printable as one of the many ways we’ll practice patterning.  More ideas to come next week, I promise!

Ask the students to color the candy cane in a pattern or in our case, we’re water coloring a pattern onto the candy cane.

For the younger group 2’s-3’s you might want to start the pattern for them and see if they can complete it.  I would do a simple AB pattern like red, white, red, white OR green, red, green, red.  Patterning skills take time to develop and some kids might not be ready yet.

For 3’s who have had lots of pattern exposure or Pre-K I would challenge them to harder patterns like AAB (example:  red, red, green) or ABC (example: red, green white) or harder patterns if they desire.

Download Here:  Printable Candy Cane Christmas Patterns

Learning to use patterns will help them greatly as they get older and have to be able to recognize patterns in math problems they are doing.

Enjoy!  Cute clipart is from sweetclipart.com

Fall Leaf Number Book

It’s starting to feel a little more like winter everyday, but it’s not here yet.  Let’s celebrate Fall a little longer with this cute leaf counting book.

On each page have the students stamp the correct number of leaves.  On page one, stamp one leaf.  On page two, stamp two leaves etc.

I created this fun flip book using different sized construction paper.  I used foam stamps that I bought at Discount School Supply.  You could also glue on actual leaves or use leaf stickers.The kids love “reading” their book and counting leaves.  I hope this gives you a fun idea for Fall or for letter “Ll”.

Happy teaching!

Indian Hats

Thanksgiving is upon us!!!

To continue practicing our number recognition skills we made Indian feather hats with numbers on them.  They are simple, but if you are looking for something easy for your kiddos, print the feathers for the hats here:

Feathers #1-4 with counting spots for 3 year olds

Feathers #1-9 for kids age 4-5

Just print the feathers, cut them out, color if desired.  Glue them to a long strip of paper which will work as a head band.

If you’d like to extend the activity you can ask the children to create a patterns using shapes or stickers on the head band.

Enjoy!  Happy teaching!

Leaf Count

Did you have fun with the corn counting activity?  Here’s another activity that helps the students practice number recognition and number ordering.Numbers, numbers everywhere!  It’s so important for preschool kids to begin recognizing numbers.  My goal is for my students to recognize numbers 1-10 for my 3 year old class and 1-20 for my Pre-Kindergarten class.

Currently we’re working on 1-6 in Preschool and 1-10 in Pre-Kindergarten.

You can download the Preschool and Pre-K Leaf Count Activity Here:  Preschool Leaf Count,   Pre-K Leaf Count

Enjoy & Happy Counting!



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