I know I promised you more apple stuff, and I promise, it’s coming.  This year I’m managing three different Preschool classes and two separate curriculums.  It’s fun, but surely keeping me on my toes.

In the beginning of the year we like to do LOTS of color related activities.  Often the students know their colors when they begin Preschool, but that’s not always the case so we incorporate it into all that we do to make sure it’s learned.

One of  my favorite things is COLOR DAY at school.  All of the students are asked to wear something that is a specific color.  In addition they get to bring something for “sharing time” that is the color.  It’s so cute to see them all together matching.  Don’t you love a great Preschool picture where half of the kids aren’t looking.  Ha!  What a crew.  Not bad for the second week of school.Wear Colors

We like to do lots of painting and that naturally includes colors.  They are not only asking fellow students to pass specific colors but having to match paint brush colors to paint cup colors to make sure they go back in the right color.  It’s great practice!  I highly recommend these cups from Discount School Supply.Paint with colors

The students just adore sorting activities.  Just for fun we use kid sized tweezers and it adds a great fine motor component to the color recognition and math skill of sorting.  We started the week sorting colors plastic bugs and moved on to pom pom balls of all sizes.  The tiny ones were tricky!Color Sort

I also love having the kids use sticky glue.  Sometimes I’m surprised how many of them have never used it at home!  We make lots of collages including favorite color collages or collages of items that are our color of the week.  Below the Pre-K kids complete their “favorite color” collage.  I provide lots of tactile colored materials and they get to glue on anything that is their favorite color.fav color collage

Hopefully this adds to your already long (I’m sure) list of color related activities.


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Summer Made Simple: Hot Rock Art

Ohh… my kids and I made one of my favorite new summer projects this past week.  They are HOT GARDEN ROCKS.  We found the idea at Eighteen25.

I think kids age 3-10 would enjoy this project.  For the little ones, protect their hands using 2-3 old mismatched socks.   I did this with a 6 & 8 year old and we had NO problems.  I even touched the rocks with my own hands and I knew it was hot, but it wasn’t hot enough to actually burn my hand.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Gather large rocks
  2. Wash and dry the rocks
  3. Heat the oven to 350 degrees
  4. Place the rocks on a cookie sheet and “bake” for 15 minutes
  5. Remove rocks from the oven and place on newspaper on a table or the ground.

LASTLY – Color/paint the rocks with peeled crayons.

The colors are so vibrant and fun.  Once they cooled to the touch (about 30 minutes) we placed them around the yard.  Super cute, super easy.  My kids were begging me to make them again and really, why not?  We had everything we needed already on hand.

So, are you going to make some?

You know your kids would LOVE to!  🙂  Happy summer everyone!






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Outer Space Activity Round-Up

We had so much fun during our outer space unit.  I can’t wait to share a couple projects with you that we did, but also some more great ideas that I found out in blog land.

To begin the week we made personalized rockets for the kids to decorate however they like and attached them to “space paper”.  We’ve also used the exact same rockets and simply stapled the two sides together to make an unattached rocket.

It’s the end of the year for our Pre-K students and they are getting ready for their Kindergarten career.  We used two dice to complete rocket addition problems. 

From Busy Bee Kids I found a cute Paper Planetarium project.  So simple, yet adorable for preschool students.

From I found a great toilet paper astronaut craft.  The kids loved it!

Mrs. Karen offers a whole collection of space preschool ideas that are fabulous!  I particularly love these space paintings.

Thanks for joining us for some fun Outer Space activities.

Garden Help

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I LOVE plants, flowers and home-grown fruits and vegetables.  The problem is that I don’t have a green thumb. I’m not absolutely terrible at gardening, but it doesn’t come naturally to me.  Here are a few pictures of all I have growing in my backyard, pitiful, I know…

I am excited about a new line of products by Whitney Farms®.  They offer organic plant food and soil additivies to help people like me grow a beautiful flower garden and organic veggies to feed my family.109103_1.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)Organic Plant Food

Want to know what makes their product unique?  They offer organic soil without that yucky manure smell and almost no dust.  The last thing I want to smell like after working in the garden is manure.  Yuck!

Last year my hubby and I were working in the yard and had to move some soil around.  We decided to put it on the side of the house  in the spot where I WANTED to plant an organic vegetable garden.  Well, let me just say that the soil is still there a year later, with no wonderful veggies growing in it. 

Doesn’t it look just lovely?  Ha!  Hopefully with help from Whitney Farms® I’ll be able to get the organic vegetable garden I’ve been dreaming about.   I would love to know that the food I’m giving my family is 100% organic as opposed to some other vegetable plant food on the market.

Who wants to join me and give it a try?  Maybe we could get our organic vegetables together and have a crispy, fresh salad playdate.  Check out the great $3.00 off coupon being offered by clicking on the “Visit Sponsors Site” below.  Happy gardening and happy crafting!

Whitney-Farms-Logo_Banner_New_C.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)


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Outer Space Unit

Happy Friday!  I know I’ve been sporadic in posting lately but the busyness of life is trying to swallow me whole and I’m doing my best to fight it.  🙂

This past week our preschool class began a unit on outer space.  To begin this fun unit I used this fabulous preschool pack from 1+1+1=1.  Check it out!  Cute vocabulary cards, shadow matching etc.

Next week I’ll be sharing what I added to it just for fun!  Please bear with me the next 2 weeks as I may be sporadic, but I’ve got lots of preschool packs and crafts up my sleeve to post about this summer.  I can’t wait.  Have a great day!


Chicken Activities

Last week in preschool we focused on cows and milk.  This week we turned to the chicken.  The funniest part was trying to explain that the eggs we eat for breakfast cannot be baby chicks even if we sit on them and keep them warm.  🙂  Hmm… how to explain to 3, 4 and 5 years olds about fertilization is pretty funny.  I explained that the “magic” called fertilization hadn’t happened yet, so no matter what, those eggs couldn’t be chicks.

We made fun and simple chicken heads from paper plates, construction paper and google eyes.  The kiddos traced their hand to create the funny red feathers on the top.  We cut triangles for beaks and added google eyes.  Voila!  Done.

We had a family at our school that had just purchased chicks as pets, so they brought them to the Pre-K class on sharing day.  Cute little fuzz balls!

We also did some egg exploration.  We predicted if eggs would sink or float using both raw eggs and hard-boiled {FYI – they both sink}.  Then we cracked open each type of egg and discussed the vocabulary, shell, white and yolk.  The kids got to see how the eggs felt if they wanted to and then of course, washed that raw egg off their hands in the sink.  We also experimented with the shell to discover that it floated if set on top of the water and sunk if we filled it with water.  {surprise, surprise}

For some fun creative art we used plastic Easter eggs to create abstract paintings.  They turned out very cute!


In addition, we played several games that I learned while teaching Kindergarten:

#1 – Chicken, Chicken  –  To play this game ask the children to sit in the circle.  Choose 1 child to be “chicken”.  Ask the “chicken” to sit outside of the group with their back to the group and their eyes closed.  Place a plastic egg behind the “chicken’s” back.  The teacher then taps one child on the head designating them as the “egg borrower”.  The “borrower” quietly sneaks up behind the chicken, takes the eggs, returns to their seat and hides the egg in their lap.  Once that is complete the class as a group says, “Chicken, chicken, who has the egg?”  The chicken then comes to the group and tries to guess who has the egg.  We gave them 3 guesses and then revealed the egg borrower if they were yet to be found.  They wanted to play this for hours….

#2 – Spoon and Egg relay race – Ask the children to line up in even numbered teams.  Give the front child in each group a spoon with a plastic egg.  They had to run down the field, around the hula hoop {you could use anything} and back without dropping the egg.  If they dropped it, they had to come back and start again.  After completing their turn they handed it to the next child in line.  Which ever team completed their turns first won!  Such simple fun!

Hope you enjoy some fun farm games and activities with those you love this week!

Rainbow fun

In honor of both the Noah story and St. Patrick’s Day we’re having LOTS of rainbow themed fun!  We’re integrating music, Bible stories, math and art.  What great fun!

To begin the week we HAVE to learn the rainbow song and read the NOAH STORY {there’s a Noah song we learn too but I’ll post about Noah another day}.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple,

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple,

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

makes the rainbow BRIGHT, BRIGHT, BRIGHT!

We made rainbow colored splatter paintings using droppers and all of the colors of the rainbow.  Who doesn’t love getting messy at preschool?

Our paint is ready to go!  Check out those fun droppers from Discount School Supplies.

Each and every piece Continue reading

W is for Weather

This week we are learning about various types of weather with our preschool students.  The kids know the weather is different every day but don’t understand why it rains or snows etc.  We’ll read several books about weather, then make some puppets that represent different types of weather.  PDF Weather puppets

Then we play “Guess the Weather”.  I might say something like:

“This kind of weather is sometimes very Continue reading

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