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I love seeing all the wonderful and creative crafts posted on the web!  So much information is at our fingertips and I’m so thankful.  Below is a collection of my VERY FAVORITE chicks that I found on the web and believe me, I combed through a lot of sites.  🙂

Chick by Fun Hand print and Foot Print Art

chick 4

Paper Plate Easter Chick by Simple as That


I like this one for it’s pure simplicity.  Paper plate chick by Crafts for Preschool Kids

chick 2

And if you are ever wondering what to do with all that scrapbooking paper you never use… here’s an idea!  So cute!  Hey Chick – MadebyMolliesMom

chick 3

And one of my favorites is a chick made of pom poms by me!!  It’s in a washed out eggshell and so cute!  You can do traditional yellow or branch out.

Spring Craft Baby Bird by Creative Preschool Resources

spring bird final

Happy crafting with your little ones!

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Snowman Glyph

Do you wanna build a snowman???  (Sing along, I’m sure you know the tune)  I sang that line over and over during this project with my kiddos.

If you’ve never heard of a glyph before you’ve got to check this out.  This is a super cute snowman project, but the best part is that each one will look unique and different based on each child’s preferences.  snowman glyph pic

Each child will answer various questions about winter and class favorites.

snowman glyph small

They then each build a fun and unique snowman.  My students just loved this project!snowman1

Oh my goodness they look so cute hanging up in our classroom.snowman2

Who wants to make some?  Download the printable here.snowman3

Happy snowman building!

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Apple Pre-K Pack

I am so excited to announce that I completed an amazing Pre-K pack for an apple theme.  The pack is 36 pages long.

apple pack coverThe majority of the activities are in black and white making it a great option for classrooms.  It includes:

Letter Writing Practice – A, B, P & T

Beginning Writing Practice

Straight line cutting practice

Size sequence activity

Sorting by color Game

Counting Game

Color Word Writing

Small Sight Word Book

Number MatchingApple Number Match

Two Number Writing Books (Numbers 1-5)Number Writing Two

Letter Identification Game for letter Aa

This pack is available in my Shop for only $1.50!!!  It will provide hours of practice for Pre-K kids in your care or in your school.  I have loved using it in my own Preschool over the past few months.  Several of the activities are advanced and would work for the Kindergarten classroom as well.

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Apple Time

I just love Fall!  Cooler weather (at least in Colorado), changing of leaves and back to school.  One of my favorite Preschool themes is Apples.  It naturally lends itself to the study of colors, sizes and lots of amazing and fun art projects.  I plan to share several things with you over the next few weeks, but let’s start with a great apple counting game. Apple Sort 2

It’s called 1, 2, 3, Count with me.  Directions are included in the FREE download!!  Apple Sort 1



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Snowflake Stamping

Hi all!  Happy Friday!  I hope you are having a great New Year!  Here is a fun paintin’ and countin’ project.  (This is supposed to make you think of sippin’ and paintin’.  Ha!)  snow paint cover

Months ago I pinned a cute idea using a set of pine needles to create snowflake stamps.  It’s from Family Fun magazine I believe, but the link is no longer working.  I’m sure you can find it on their page with a little digging.  Anyways I couldn’t just leave it as a cute art project but wanted to extend it to include learning.snowflake

Right now we’re reviewing numbers 1-5 with my Preschool class before we move on to harder numbers.  I decided to incorporate the cute idea above with some Math.  I created a simple printable for students to put the correct amount of snowflake stamps in each section.  Unfortunately after attempting the above craft I had a hard time finding a tree that had the needles going in a circle.  Our sample stamps turned out terrible.  Maybe you can find some in your neck of the woods, so we used these fluffy pom pom balls. snow paint 1  They turned out a little more like snowballs than snowflakes, but they were fun none the less.

You can get a PDF of the SNOWFLAKE PRINTABLE by clicking on the link.  The kids really enjoyed this and it added a winter-scape to our walls, all while using our Math skills!

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Fall Leaf Number Book

It’s starting to feel a little more like winter everyday, but it’s not here yet.  Let’s celebrate Fall a little longer with this cute leaf counting book.

On each page have the students stamp the correct number of leaves.  On page one, stamp one leaf.  On page two, stamp two leaves etc.

I created this fun flip book using different sized construction paper.  I used foam stamps that I bought at Discount School Supply.  You could also glue on actual leaves or use leaf stickers.The kids love “reading” their book and counting leaves.  I hope this gives you a fun idea for Fall or for letter “Ll”.

Happy teaching!

Leaf Count

Did you have fun with the corn counting activity?  Here’s another activity that helps the students practice number recognition and number ordering.Numbers, numbers everywhere!  It’s so important for preschool kids to begin recognizing numbers.  My goal is for my students to recognize numbers 1-10 for my 3 year old class and 1-20 for my Pre-Kindergarten class.

Currently we’re working on 1-6 in Preschool and 1-10 in Pre-Kindergarten.

You can download the Preschool and Pre-K Leaf Count Activity Here:  Preschool Leaf Count,   Pre-K Leaf Count

Enjoy & Happy Counting!



Counting Corn

It’s harvest time!  This year to practice counting and to celebrate the harvest, we cut out corn cobs and counted the correct number of corn kernels to glue on each one.

For the little guys (age 3) I cut the corn out.  Their job was to put the corn in order from 1-5 using number identification and then to glue the correct number of corn kernels on the correct corncob.

For the Pre-K kids (age 4-5) they were in charge of cutting out their own corn (numbers 1-10), gluing them in order and gluing on the correct number of corn kernels on the correct corn cob.

You can download the printables here:  Preschool corn 1-5    Pre-K corn 1-10


Picket Fence Cutie

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend craft night.  I just love to set aside time away from the commitments of home and family to craft with girls.  This is my creation…

Adorable right?  I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  It sits on my porch along with my newly planted flowers to welcome guests.  I love the teal background and the mixture of scrapbook papers that I added to the wooden flags from Pick Your Plum.

Thanks Missy G for hosting craft month!  She’s always looking for fun new projects to offer so this month I suggested we make something similar to the cute picket fence sign I saw made by Alison at Oopsey Daisy. Here’s Alison’s fence:

Adorable too!  You just can’t go wrong with this project.  To make the project easier we simply used the wooden garden stakes you can find at any home improvement store.  That way Giana didn’t have to cut triangles off of the tops of tons of pieces of wood.

And here’s the one made by my friend Giana at Missy G:

Seriously fun!  Who’s feeling crafty now?  I smile EVERY time I see it!  {Insert huge grin here}

Make something cute to make yourself smile!  Happy crafting!





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