I know I promised you more apple stuff, and I promise, it’s coming.  This year I’m managing three different Preschool classes and two separate curriculums.  It’s fun, but surely keeping me on my toes.

In the beginning of the year we like to do LOTS of color related activities.  Often the students know their colors when they begin Preschool, but that’s not always the case so we incorporate it into all that we do to make sure it’s learned.

One of  my favorite things is COLOR DAY at school.  All of the students are asked to wear something that is a specific color.  In addition they get to bring something for “sharing time” that is the color.  It’s so cute to see them all together matching.  Don’t you love a great Preschool picture where half of the kids aren’t looking.  Ha!  What a crew.  Not bad for the second week of school.Wear Colors

We like to do lots of painting and that naturally includes colors.  They are not only asking fellow students to pass specific colors but having to match paint brush colors to paint cup colors to make sure they go back in the right color.  It’s great practice!  I highly recommend these cups from Discount School Supply.Paint with colors

The students just adore sorting activities.  Just for fun we use kid sized tweezers and it adds a great fine motor component to the color recognition and math skill of sorting.  We started the week sorting colors plastic bugs and moved on to pom pom balls of all sizes.  The tiny ones were tricky!Color Sort

I also love having the kids use sticky glue.  Sometimes I’m surprised how many of them have never used it at home!  We make lots of collages including favorite color collages or collages of items that are our color of the week.  Below the Pre-K kids complete their “favorite color” collage.  I provide lots of tactile colored materials and they get to glue on anything that is their favorite color.fav color collage

Hopefully this adds to your already long (I’m sure) list of color related activities.


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