Need more rainbows?

Need more rainbow ideas?  Here are a few that I found on-line, but for this DIYer I think the google page is actually even better than pinterest.  Sometimes I just need to see an idea and I can make it my own without clicking through to a website.  Hope you enjoy these ideas.

Google Image Page


Cloud Craft from Live, Learn, Love

live, learn, love rainbow

Rainbow Paper Strips by The Nerd’s Wife


Happy rainbow crafting and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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Rainbow Hats

Who doesn’t love St. Patrick’s Day?  The green, the rainbows… the GOLD.  🙂  This year in conjunction with our Noah and the Ark unit we are learning about rainbows and tying in St. Patrick’s Day.Rainbow hat cover

First begin by cutting colored construction paper into rainbow colored strips.  The longer the strips the higher the hat will be, so this is just an example of size:rainbow hat 2

red – 12 inches,  orange -11.5 inches,  yellow- 11 inches,  green- 10.5 inches,  blue- 10 inches and purple 9.5 inches.  (I actually did a little bit smaller than this for mine, but use any length in increments of a half an inch.

Have the students put them in rainbow order.rainbow hat 1

Staple each side together to get a rainbow.

Rainbow hat 3

Attach the rainbow to a paper hat, then glue on “clouds” aka cotton balls.  Super cute!

Rainbow hat 4

It’s not too late to throw these together for St. Patrick’s Day on Monday.  Happy crafting!

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Snowflake Valentines

vday doily 1

I know that they aren’t actually snowflake Valentine’s, but that’s what my students are calling them.

vday doily 3Aren’t they simply adorable?   I love each and every one and I can’t wait to put them in the students’ scrapbooks.vday doily 2Right now they are decorating the walls coming into the school.  Simply find round paper doilies, (I found mine at my local grocery store!) paint and some cute little hands.

I backed mine on construction paper to make the pictures POP a little off of the walls.  So cute!!

Happy Crafting!
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Valentine Journal Writing

I love hearing from kids about what 3 and 4 year olds love.  The silly answers like, “my doggy”, “chocolate” or “playing at the park” make my heart smile.  I use these simple journal printables to take a PEEK into their little brains and see what they are thinking.  I made two versions depending on the writing skills of those that you work with.vday journal blank small

vday journal I love smallDownload the printable FREEBIES below.

Tracing I love writing PDF

Blank love writing PDF

Happy journaling!!
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Valentine Bingo Printables

I love a good old fashioned Bingo game and my students love it too!!  What better time to play than Valentine’s Day?  Here are a few printables to make your child’s Valentine’s Day special and full of fun.small bingo boards pic

I like to let the kids mark the letters they have with candy hearts.  YUMMY!  Download the printables below.

Valentine Bingo Heart Boards (Print on Cardstock)

Letter Calling Cards

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Thankful Book

I just love making a thankful book each year with my Pre-K students.  turkey I have a FREE printable that you can use for a cover and writing pages inside.  The cover is flexible.  What do you want to put on the front?  We’re making pasta turkeys but you could make handprint turkeys or simply a photo of the child.example

Download the PDF version of the cover and writing pages.


Enjoy & Happy Thanksgiving!

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Preschool Valentine Printables!

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it!  Here are some fun printables that I created last year for Valentine’s Day that you might enjoy with your little ones!  Feel free to download and use as desired.

candy heart patterning - Page 001Download the Candy Heart Patterns worksheet

heart ordering 1-14 bw - Page 001Download the Heart Ordering Page here

heart sorting - Page 001Download the Candy Heart Sorting Page Here

I hope these come in handy with the upcoming Valentine holiday!

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Christmas Trivet

Yup, I’m here again with a post-Christmas, Christmas project.  {Sigh, again}  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Pin this idea for Christmas next year.  I love having my preschool students create a gift for their family that can be saved and used at Christmas year after year.  This year we created Christmas Trivets.  trivet cover - Page 001

Don’t know what a trivet is?  Well, it’s that thing you put on your wood table to protect it when you have a hot dish to serve.trivet 1 - Page 001

We started with a 6×6 white tile from Home Depot.  I think they were $0.48 each.  I purchased cork contact paper to stick to the back to keep it from scratching that table you are trying to protect.trivet 2 - Page 001

I had all of the kids paint a Christmas tree.  I helped them with the tree part and they added their own ornaments and tree trunk.trivet 3 - Page 001

Allow them to dry overnight.  Next, use a protective clear coat of spray paint to protect their beautiful artwork.  We painted giant pieces of paper and wrapped them up with a bow.  Simple, but oh so cute!trivet 4 - Page 001

Happy New Year!!!  I hope your 2013 is blessed!small signature

Glass Ornaments

Merry Christmas!  What? It’s nearly a week after Christmas?  {sigh}  We’ve been so busy with family fun that I’m not posting until a week after Christmas.  Oh well, pin this idea for next year!  🙂glass ornament cover - Page 001

Each year I make a dated glass ball ornament with my Preschool students.  You can usually get the plain glass ball ornaments at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby 50% off which makes them affordable. glass ornament 3 - Page 001

Each year I do something different.  One year we made glass balls with their handprint in a bright color like yellow, red or ornament 2 - Page 001

In my Pre-K class we made white handprints.  I turned their little fingers into cute little ornament 5 - Page 001

Another fun option is to do a white handprint.  Then open the top of the ornament and pour in 2-4 acrylic paint colors.  You’ll need a lot of paint.  Swirl the paint around to make sure the whole ball is covered inside.

Turn the ornament over onto a cup to ornament 6 - Page 001

Expect a lot of paint to drain ornament 8 - Page 001

Which one will you make {next year}?  I love them all!  They create great keepsakes for the families to keep for years to ornament cover - Page 001

Happy crafting and Merry Christmas!

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