Beginning Writing Practice Sheets

It’s the beginning of the school year and I think I need a nap.¬† ūüôā¬† Wow!¬† Who knew getting back into the school routine could make me SO TIRED!!

To introduce the students to the concept of pre-writing we begin with straight lines, move to curved lines and circles.  We practice these with lots of activities including hunting for lines around the classroom and making them in shaving cream.

Shaving Cream

We even paint them on paper and practice writing them on white board tracing sheets.

more tracing

I created simple sheets for the kids to trace from the green “starting mark” to the red “stopping mark”.¬† I then insert them into page protectors and voila!¬† Instant wipe off practice pages for the kids.¬† The kids just love choosing which color marker to use and for fun we use pompom balls as erasers.¬† The pompom balls add a pop of fun and color to the activity.

Line Tracing

You are welcome to use the tracing sheets if they might help your Preschool aged kiddo prepare for writing.

Download the straight line tracing sheet


Download the curved line tracing sheet


Happy back to school!!

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