Joseph’s Colored Coat Paper Dolls

I love incorporating Bible stories at my Preschool.  This is the first time I’ve taught the story of Joseph.  We’re going to spend 1 week talking about his colored coat and his brothers selling him as a slave, 1 week talking about Potiphar’s house and going to jail and a final week talking about Joseph as a leader and the famine.  Just for fun we made Joseph paper dolls with beautiful colored coats.

Joseph Finished

Go, go, go Joseph you’ll make it someday…  Seriously every time I read this story I start singing the song from the play, “Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat”.  Love that musical!!Joseph Doll

I began by printing the paper dolls on cardstock and the coats on card stock.  The kids colored the dolls and we put them on popsicle sticks.Joseph back coat

Second we covered the paper “coat” in glue and added strips of random fabric.  I was lucky enough to have a friend with lots of beautiful scraps.
Joseph front coat

After they dried the excess fabric was trimmed off and a popsicle stick was added. Joseph coats done

Aren’t they cute?  The all turned out so different.  The kids are going to love re-telling the story using their puppets.
Joseph Finished

Download the PDF of the paper dolls

Download the PDF of the coats


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