Valentine Bingo Printables

I love a good old fashioned Bingo game and my students love it too!!  What better time to play than Valentine’s Day?  Here are a few printables to make your child’s Valentine’s Day special and full of fun.small bingo boards pic

I like to let the kids mark the letters they have with candy hearts.  YUMMY!  Download the printables below.

Valentine Bingo Heart Boards (Print on Cardstock)

Letter Calling Cards

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Olympic Par-tay

The Olympics are coming and I can hardly wait to watch the games with my own kids and cheer on The Good Ole U-S-A!

To get the kids in the Olympic spirit we held a little Preschool Olympics party complete with crafts, a couple games and USA inspired snacks.  We started by creating our visors with the Olympic Rings.  I bought foam visors at Michael’s in several colors.

What good athlete doesn’t need something to keep the sun out of their eyes?

Yup, you see right we used toilet paper rolls to make the rings.  They worked perfectly!  Just grab some acrylic paint, foam and toilet paper rolls.  Then, start stamping.  The kids will love them!

After making our visors we made a paper plate discus to throw during our games.  Just use two paper plates and glue them together to form a disc.  {Ahead of time, I added some dried pinto beans in between the plates to add some weight.}  We also used construction paper and wooden skewers to make flags.  We will use both the flags and discs during our games.

Now for the fun stuff.  Strap on your visor and let’s play.  To be honest, it was nearly 100 degrees outside when we had our party, so we did crafts in the shade, played two Olympic games and then had snack time, also in the shade.

GAME #1 – Discus throw

The kids had to stand in a line and take turns throwing their discs. It was so funny to watch them attempt to throw it like a Frisbee.  It was a tricky skill for them.  🙂

We used the flags to mark where their discs landed.  The goal on their next turn was to throw it further then they did the time before.  That way they competed against themselves and it took the pressure off of getting first place.

The second game we did was a simple race.  The kids loved getting out in the heat and running their little hearts out.

After those 2 simple games the kids were hot and sweaty.  We opted out of additional games to gather in the shade and have some snacks.

One of our snacks was large pretzels dipped in white chocolate and red and blue sprinkles.  The other was a layered treat.  Blue jello on the bottom, white whipped cream in the middle and topped with fresh strawberries. Yummo!  I apologize that I didn’t get pics of the snacks, but I think they are pretty self explanatory.

Are you inspired to have an Olympic themed party with the little ones in your life?  Come check out my blog, Creative Preschool Resources for lots of ideas for living, learning and playing with your preschool aged child.


Winner Winner!

Hi all!  I am so excited to announce the winner of my necklace and silver case giveaway.  Drum roll please…

The winner is Kelly T. who left a comment saying, “i recently found your site on pinterest and im hooked! i love all your preschool ideas. i do a homeschool prek with my boys 3-4 days a week all year long, so i love getting a different perspective and ideas for other moms! thanks!”

Kelly has been contacted by e-mail.  I can’t wait to hear about her cute necklaces! Congratulations Kelly!

Party Favors by a Plumster

This past weekend my “baby” girl had her 8th birthday.  Eek!  I am seriously not old enough to have an 8 year old, am I?  I remember crying on her first birthday thinking that 1/18th of my life with her at home had already passed me by.  Now she’s 8.  Cherish these moments Heather…

She wanted a roller skating party, so I couldn’t get real creative with decor since it wasn’t at my home, so I got creative with the gifts.  This is what each girl will get.  What’s inside?  That’s coming silly!

You might remember the notebooks from my post about personalized appreciation gifts I purchased from Pick Your Plum.

Let’s open up the little package and see the goodies.  Yes, they get super cute flower bobby pins for their hair, a personalized necklace and the cute monogrammed notebook.

The bobby pins are just blanks I purchased from Pick Your Plum with plastic flowers also from Pick Your Plum glued on.

I used resin and blank charms from Pick Your Plum to make the necklace. 

I’ll post the tutorial for the necklace later this week.  Aren’t they cute?

I couldn’t resist a cute package from Pick Your Plum and bought these adorable silver cases months ago knowing I would use them at some point.

Don’t the necklaces just look adorable in them?  The girls are going to LUV them!  I’m guessing that by now you’ve figured out that I’m a Pick Your Plum addict.  🙂

This is my sweet girl sporting the necklace she claimed as her own.


Happy crafting!  Hope this inspires you to a) check out Pick Your Plum and b) have fun getting crafty!





Pick Your Plum did not in any way endorse this post or provide the fabulous product.  I purchased these items myself over time and will continue buying their fabulous items for as long as they are in business!  🙂


Personalized Appreciation Gift

Looking for a simple, inexpensive yet cute idea for teacher appreciation or a birthday party?  Check out these adorable post-it folders.

I picked them up super cheap at Pick Your Plum.  Never heard of them?  They have great daily deals, often crafty related items.  Check it out under my affiliation tab.  If you order through by blog, I can earn a small percentage and I’d REALLY appreciate it!

I simply cut the letters out with my Cricut and then used Mod Podge to adhere the letter to the front of the folder.

Isn’t the inside fun?  I wish I would have bought enough to keep one for myself, but we’re giving them out as 1 of the “thank you” gifts for coming to my daughter’s 8th birthday party.

I slipped this little note inside my Sweet Girls folder.  She’ll enjoy discovering it later.

Aren’t they simply adorable?This simple personalization can be done on just about anything, notebooks, clipboards etc.  I’m thinking teacher appreciation next year.  What teacher doesn’t need post-it notes?

Happy crafting!





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Ribbon Dance Stick Tutorial

If you missed this a week ago, I shared this at the Ribbon Retreat blog…

You and the little ones in your life will love these Ribbon Dancing sticks.  Boys, girls, it doesn’t matter, they all love to groove!  Once you gather your supplies it should take you 5-10 minutes to complete this fabulous project. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wooden dowel – I used 1/4 in dowel from The Ribbon Retreat for one and 1/2 in dowel from Home Depot for the other.  Both work great!
  • Drill gun ( don’t be afraid )
  • Hot glue gun OR sewing machine
  • ANY beautiful ribbon from The Ribbon Retreat – I prefer at least 1 1/2 inch width
  • Eyelet set ( I purchased from Michael’s)
  • Twine

Let’s get started.  First drill into your dowel using the drill gun.  Go slow and steady and you’ll have no problem.  I used a SUPER small drill bit for the smaller dowel and a larger drill bit for the larger dowel.  As long as your twine fits through, it’s big enough.

1/4 inch dowel

1/2 inch dowel

Cut your ribbon to desired length and heat seal the ends.  Then you have 2 options at this point.  You can fold over and sew the ends OR you can fold over and hot glue the ends.  Both will work, this is just personal preference.  Below, I simply hot glued.

Grab your eyelet pack and READ THE DIRECTIONS.  I bought this set at Michael’s.

Here are all of the tools that came in the set.

I started by punching a tiny hole in the doubled ribbon.

I followed the instructions and added an eyelet to the ribbon.

Then I simply used the twine to attach my ribbon to the stick.  You could use wire or a metal ring, but I liked the added color from the twine {and the twine really held up}.  You could always JAZZ it up by allowing your little one to paint their own wood stick.

Can you see your little one {or better yet, YOURSELF} dancing around the room with one of the fabulous ribbon sticks?  My little guy LOVES them and so do my preschool students.Yeah, the grass is just starting to really get green here in Colorado, but it’s still patchy.  I just love Spring and seeing all of the plants come back to life!

Pin this great tutorial today for a fun and inexpensive gift!

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Lego Birthday Ideas

Welcome to Creative Preschool Resources!  Recently my son had a Jedi, lego swimming birthday party.  Yeah, it was hard to integrate them all.  Here’s the invite I made.  I thought it turned out pretty decent considering the MANY themes.  🙂  A few personal things are blacked out.

The party itself was pretty simple since it included 2 hours at the Rec Center Pool.  A few games were:

Hide & Seek Lego – Simply hide legos around the yard or room to have kids hunt and find.

Over/Under Lego – You know the over under game?  Do that relay with legos.

I made and gave out some ADORABLE lego themed party favors.  Check out these rip-open stitched treat pouches!

Simply trace a simple lego head shape, add a mouth and eyes. 

Use your sewing machine to stitch 3/4 of the way around.  Then add candy while they are still on your machine, then stitch the rest of the way closed.

Kids can RIP INTO THEM after the party.  We filled ours with Star Wars Pod characters, stickers, Star Wars band aids and candy.

I also made faux cake pop lego heads using the GIANT marshmallows.  Have you seem those mondo mega size marshmallows.  Holy cow, gross.  I started by sticking 1/2 of a large marshmallow for the top and for the head I used the giant sized marshmallow.

I added a stick and then dipped them into yellow chocolate from Michael’s.

I let them cool and then added the cute face. 

Once they cooled I put them in a plastic bag and they were ready to go. 

Personally I don’t like marshmallow, but my hubby ate one that I messed up.  His comment was, “Wow, those are sweet.”  Um, duh!  You are eating marshmallow dipped in chocolate…

My friend Missy G recently made an adorable lego banner for her son.  A cute party decoration!  Check it out!







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