Introducing “Wipe It!”

White board markers…  we have a love hate relationship.  I love their ease but man, when they come home on my sons khaki uniform pants I just cringe.  I have yet to find anything wonderful to remove the marker.  Grr!  Regardless of my love hate relationship with them my students love using them!!

Wipe It cover

Every week when we are working on letter formation we use wipe off sheets to practice the letters.  Simply laminate the sheets or easier then that, put them in a sheet protector. {That’s what this teacher does}

wipe it cover 2

The top section is to learn letter formation based on the numerical directions and to practice that.  The middle section is to trace, once again using the correct order of steps.  The bottom section is to try it on their own and lastly they get to “WIPE IT!”.  Just for fun we use really big (like 3 inch) pom pom balls as their erasers.  The kids think that’s pretty fun.

You can purchase the entire set – 26 upper case and 26 lower case “Wipe It!” pages at my shop or just click HERE.

Good luck with letter formation with your Pre-K and Kindergarten kiddos.

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{Around the Web} Chick Art

I love seeing all the wonderful and creative crafts posted on the web!  So much information is at our fingertips and I’m so thankful.  Below is a collection of my VERY FAVORITE chicks that I found on the web and believe me, I combed through a lot of sites.  :)

Chick by Fun Hand print and Foot Print Art

chick 4

Paper Plate Easter Chick by Simple as That


I like this one for it’s pure simplicity.  Paper plate chick by Crafts for Preschool Kids

chick 2

And if you are ever wondering what to do with all that scrapbooking paper you never use… here’s an idea!  So cute!  Hey Chick – MadebyMolliesMom

chick 3

And one of my favorites is a chick made of pom poms by me!!  It’s in a washed out eggshell and so cute!  You can do traditional yellow or branch out.

Spring Craft Baby Bird by Creative Preschool Resources

spring bird final

Happy crafting with your little ones!

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Need more rainbows?

Need more rainbow ideas?  Here are a few that I found on-line, but for this DIYer I think the google page is actually even better than pinterest.  Sometimes I just need to see an idea and I can make it my own without clicking through to a website.  Hope you enjoy these ideas.

Google Image Page


Cloud Craft from Live, Learn, Love

live, learn, love rainbow

Rainbow Paper Strips by The Nerd’s Wife


Happy rainbow crafting and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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Rainbow Hats

Who doesn’t love St. Patrick’s Day?  The green, the rainbows… the GOLD.  :)  This year in conjunction with our Noah and the Ark unit we are learning about rainbows and tying in St. Patrick’s Day.Rainbow hat cover

First begin by cutting colored construction paper into rainbow colored strips.  The longer the strips the higher the hat will be, so this is just an example of size:rainbow hat 2

red – 12 inches,  orange -11.5 inches,  yellow- 11 inches,  green- 10.5 inches,  blue- 10 inches and purple 9.5 inches.  (I actually did a little bit smaller than this for mine, but use any length in increments of a half an inch.

Have the students put them in rainbow order.rainbow hat 1

Staple each side together to get a rainbow.

Rainbow hat 3

Attach the rainbow to a paper hat, then glue on “clouds” aka cotton balls.  Super cute!

Rainbow hat 4

It’s not too late to throw these together for St. Patrick’s Day on Monday.  Happy crafting!

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Introducing “Write It!”

I am so excited that part of my dream is beginning to come true.  I am beginning write my own curriculum!!  I know,  AHHHHH!!!  Totally scary and fun at the same time!

Write It Intro cover

All of this excitement has stemmed from the multiple A-Z curricula I piece together as I teach one letter a week.  (Curricula is a weird plural version of curriculum, believe me, I looked it up.)  I’m working on creating my own A-Z printables and this is the first set I’m sharing with you.Write It Sample Pic

My students complete this page as one of their letter learning activities.  We teach letter formation over a few days in creative ways and this page is the culmination of what they’ve learned.  The top portion is to “rainbow write” both the capital and lower case letters with crayon.  The middle portion is to practice writing each letter with a pencil and the bottom rectangle is intended for the student to draw something beginning with the letter.

This 26 page custom made set is available HERE in my store for just $1.99.

Keep an eye out for MORE A-Z sets in the next few weeks/months!  Happy learning!

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Snowman Glyph

Do you wanna build a snowman???  (Sing along, I’m sure you know the tune)  I sang that line over and over during this project with my kiddos.

If you’ve never heard of a glyph before you’ve got to check this out.  This is a super cute snowman project, but the best part is that each one will look unique and different based on each child’s preferences.  snowman glyph pic

Each child will answer various questions about winter and class favorites.

snowman glyph small

They then each build a fun and unique snowman.  My students just loved this project!snowman1

Oh my goodness they look so cute hanging up in our classroom.snowman2

Who wants to make some?  Download the printable here.snowman3

Happy snowman building!

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Joseph’s Colored Coat

Oh my goodness! I simply loved this project and the kids did too!! To enhance the story of Joseph and his coat we decided that we just had to make our very own coats.Joseph bag coat final

We used large paper grocery bags from our local grocery store. Before cutting or trimming them we asked the kids to color them with LOTS of colors just like Joseph’s richly ornamented robe.Joseph bag coat 2

Aren’t they just so cute? The kids loved modeling their coats after we trimmed them and added arm holes.  The kids were able to act out the beginning of the story of Joseph.Joseph bag coat 3

Have fun!!

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Joseph’s Colored Coat Paper Dolls

I love incorporating Bible stories at my Preschool.  This is the first time I’ve taught the story of Joseph.  We’re going to spend 1 week talking about his colored coat and his brothers selling him as a slave, 1 week talking about Potiphar’s house and going to jail and a final week talking about Joseph as a leader and the famine.  Just for fun we made Joseph paper dolls with beautiful colored coats.

Joseph Finished

Go, go, go Joseph you’ll make it someday…  Seriously every time I read this story I start singing the song from the play, “Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat”.  Love that musical!!Joseph Doll

I began by printing the paper dolls on cardstock and the coats on card stock.  The kids colored the dolls and we put them on popsicle sticks.Joseph back coat

Second we covered the paper “coat” in glue and added strips of random fabric.  I was lucky enough to have a friend with lots of beautiful scraps.
Joseph front coat

After they dried the excess fabric was trimmed off and a popsicle stick was added. Joseph coats done

Aren’t they cute?  The all turned out so different.  The kids are going to love re-telling the story using their puppets.
Joseph Finished

Download the PDF of the paper dolls

Download the PDF of the coats


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Snowflake Valentines

vday doily 1

I know that they aren’t actually snowflake Valentine’s, but that’s what my students are calling them.

vday doily 3Aren’t they simply adorable?   I love each and every one and I can’t wait to put them in the students’ scrapbooks.vday doily 2Right now they are decorating the walls coming into the school.  Simply find round paper doilies, (I found mine at my local grocery store!) paint and some cute little hands.

I backed mine on construction paper to make the pictures POP a little off of the walls.  So cute!!

Happy Crafting!
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