Outer Space Unit

Happy Friday!  I know I’ve been sporadic in posting lately but the busyness of life is trying to swallow me whole and I’m doing my best to fight it.  🙂

This past week our preschool class began a unit on outer space.  To begin this fun unit I used this fabulous preschool pack from 1+1+1=1.  Check it out!  Cute vocabulary cards, shadow matching etc.

Next week I’ll be sharing what I added to it just for fun!  Please bear with me the next 2 weeks as I may be sporadic, but I’ve got lots of preschool packs and crafts up my sleeve to post about this summer.  I can’t wait.  Have a great day!


Count Your Blessings

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Now for the Mother’s Day craft idea I promised yesterday.  I always attempt to make something that I’d actually like to see in my own home.  This is a cute sign for holding pics of “BLESSINGS”.  This is perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas or Teacher Appreciation gifts.

The kiddos did their own background paintings on decorative boards from Pick Your Plum.  Then, I distressed the edges for them.  They get to choose their own clothespins and Mod Podge on the “Count Your Blessings” sign.

So super cute and colorful!  I hope the Moms love it!

I also made a couple other versions for Teacher appreciation week.  This one is for my son’s FABULOUS Kindergarten teacher.  I just love her!

Another shot because you can never have too many pictures of a project.

I used vinyl for the lettering on these versions.

The one below is for my daughter’s Second Grade teacher.  She is also absolutely wonderful and has many blessings in her life.

Simple and cute.  I just love this teal color.  You could easily make something similar out of a simple square or rectangle of scrap wood at Home Depot and add some cute clothespins.

Happy crafting!


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Mother’s Day Interview

Happy Monday!  The weeks are flying by, holy cow it’s almost summer break.  Yikes!  Sunday is Mother’s Day and in order to make something for the Moms of the kiddos in our class we have to work on it a little bit each day.

This year we’re making a card for Mother’s Day with a simple interview.  I always love hearing the kids silly answers to these questions.  I ask the kids to draw their best picture of their Mom or Grandma in the top section and then I interview them and write their answers on the bottom section.  I made a color version and a black and white version as well as a Grandma version depending on the child’s home situation.

Download the color PDF

Download the black and white PDF

Download the Grandma black and white PDF

Tomorrow I’ll share our Mother’s Day gifts that we’re making for our Moms.  Happy Mother’s Day (almost).

Simple Pig Craft

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We are almost done with our Farm unit, {wish I could have spent a week on each animal} but we are ending with pigs.

I recently saw a super cute pig on pinterest, but decided that buying 24 pink large plates and 24 pink small plates was a little out of my budget for a craft project.

So…  I got out my computer tools and whipped up my own simplified version of the project.  I just printed the shapes (focus on circle, triangle and rectangle) on pink construction paper, the kids cut them out and lastly we added a pink tail and google eyes.  They are super cute and were MUCH cheaper than the paper plate version.

Here’s our group of pigs in the mud!  Aren’t they cute?  I love how they all turned out a little different and their curly little tales are super fun!


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Download the pig shape PDF

Happy crafting!

Spring Bird Craft


Happy Friday!  This time of year my days are beyond full.  My kids have lots of end of the year activities to attend as well as my own preschool.  Sometimes I feel like a chicken with my head cut off running from concerts, to art shows, to luaus, to baseball practice.  How about you, is your Spring crazy?

To celebrate Spring in preschool we are making these adorable baby birds in a nest.  I absolutely LOVE how they turned out.  It’s simply adorable and such an easy project.


  • Brown Paper Bag
  • Nest filling
  • Broken egg shell
  • Small and Large Pom Poms
  • Glue (I use tacky glue)
  • Orange Felt
  • Google eyes or Black puffy paint

First roll the paper bag into a bird nest.  You can have the kids do this, but sometimes they rip it a little bit {that just adds to the natural look, right?}.

Second have the kids fill the nest with anything, fake grass, real grass twigs etc.  I opted for paper grass since 1) it was on sale and 2) I loved the fun colors.

Third, add the empty egg shell to the “nest”.  It’s already adorable isn’t it?  It makes me think of baby animals and all of the new Spring growth.

Using a large and small pom pom have the little ones make a bird.  Add an orange felt triangle nose and eyes.  I made one with google eyes and another with black puffy paint eyes.  They are both cute, but in different ways.

So, are you going to make a cute little birdie with someone you love?  I hope your kids are inspired to enjoy Spring and you are too.  Have an amazing weekend and if the weather is nice, get outside with those you love and explore this beautiful world!

Happy crafting!





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Clothespin Games and Printables


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Clothes pin activities are a great way to incorporate learning and fine motor muscle building.  When kiddos use their cute little fingers to pinch the clothes pins open they get a great little workout.

I created several sets of clothes pins for my preschool students using both mini and regular sized clothes pins.  I hot glued fun painted wood pieces {found at your local craft store} to the end of each pin and added letters or numbers.

We started the year using them for basic matching.  Lower case letter to lower case letter, number to number and capital to capital.  Then we started mixing them asking the kiddos to match the capital to the lower case and lower case clips to capital letters.   Later in the year to extend the learning I created beginning sound wheels.  The students are now asked to match the correct letter to the beginning sound of each picture.

If you’d like to download the beginning sound wheels please click on the links below.

*Please note: All free printables are only for readers of Creative Preschool Resources . If you enjoy this printable, please take a second to “follow” us to receive email updates or follow via Facebook {top sidebar}. Thank you!

Animal #1 PDF

Fruit PDF

Animal #2 PDF

I hope you enjoy these fun freebies!  Happy crafting & teaching!

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Chicken Activities

Last week in preschool we focused on cows and milk.  This week we turned to the chicken.  The funniest part was trying to explain that the eggs we eat for breakfast cannot be baby chicks even if we sit on them and keep them warm.  🙂  Hmm… how to explain to 3, 4 and 5 years olds about fertilization is pretty funny.  I explained that the “magic” called fertilization hadn’t happened yet, so no matter what, those eggs couldn’t be chicks.

We made fun and simple chicken heads from paper plates, construction paper and google eyes.  The kiddos traced their hand to create the funny red feathers on the top.  We cut triangles for beaks and added google eyes.  Voila!  Done.

We had a family at our school that had just purchased chicks as pets, so they brought them to the Pre-K class on sharing day.  Cute little fuzz balls!

We also did some egg exploration.  We predicted if eggs would sink or float using both raw eggs and hard-boiled {FYI – they both sink}.  Then we cracked open each type of egg and discussed the vocabulary, shell, white and yolk.  The kids got to see how the eggs felt if they wanted to and then of course, washed that raw egg off their hands in the sink.  We also experimented with the shell to discover that it floated if set on top of the water and sunk if we filled it with water.  {surprise, surprise}

For some fun creative art we used plastic Easter eggs to create abstract paintings.  They turned out very cute!


In addition, we played several games that I learned while teaching Kindergarten:

#1 – Chicken, Chicken  –  To play this game ask the children to sit in the circle.  Choose 1 child to be “chicken”.  Ask the “chicken” to sit outside of the group with their back to the group and their eyes closed.  Place a plastic egg behind the “chicken’s” back.  The teacher then taps one child on the head designating them as the “egg borrower”.  The “borrower” quietly sneaks up behind the chicken, takes the eggs, returns to their seat and hides the egg in their lap.  Once that is complete the class as a group says, “Chicken, chicken, who has the egg?”  The chicken then comes to the group and tries to guess who has the egg.  We gave them 3 guesses and then revealed the egg borrower if they were yet to be found.  They wanted to play this for hours….

#2 – Spoon and Egg relay race – Ask the children to line up in even numbered teams.  Give the front child in each group a spoon with a plastic egg.  They had to run down the field, around the hula hoop {you could use anything} and back without dropping the egg.  If they dropped it, they had to come back and start again.  After completing their turn they handed it to the next child in line.  Which ever team completed their turns first won!  Such simple fun!

Hope you enjoy some fun farm games and activities with those you love this week!

Shaving Cream Fun

Do your kids or students love to get messy and squish things in their sweet little fingers?  Mine LOVE IT!  (Well, most of them)

To practice anything that involves writing why not use shaving cream and a cooking tray?  I prefer Barbasol since it’s fluffy and smells good.

We use shaving cream writing for making shapes, straight lines, curved lines, name writing, letter writing, drawing pictures, sight word practice etc.

Hint:  If your tables are dirty, let them play {oh, I mean work} directly on the table.  You won’t believe how clean it is after a shaving cream bath!  🙂

I hope this inspires you to get messy with your kids today!

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Adorable Cow “MOOOOO”

Spring is here, the grass is growing, animals abound…  ahhh!  I just love it!  What a great time of the year to learn about the Farm.  Just for fun I created a great little entry way for the kids.   I simply used construction paper to make this simple barn entryway to preschool. 

Yes, we go to preschool in the basement, but it’s fully finished and really light.  I love being able to teach down there and then come upstairs, close the door and not think about work.

This past week we made the most adorable giant cows. The kids love them and can’t wait for me to take them off the wall so they can take them home.  I simply used construction paper and glue.  I have a simple hand-drawn master in PDF form that you can download if you wish.  Cow Parts PDF

For the body I used a 12×18 inch sheet of white construction paper and simply drew a jelly bean shape.  The tail is made of 3 pieces of black yarn.

Hope you enjoy our super cute cows and make some with your little ones!

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Ribbon Dance Stick Tutorial

If you missed this a week ago, I shared this at the Ribbon Retreat blog…

You and the little ones in your life will love these Ribbon Dancing sticks.  Boys, girls, it doesn’t matter, they all love to groove!  Once you gather your supplies it should take you 5-10 minutes to complete this fabulous project. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wooden dowel – I used 1/4 in dowel from The Ribbon Retreat for one and 1/2 in dowel from Home Depot for the other.  Both work great!
  • Drill gun ( don’t be afraid )
  • Hot glue gun OR sewing machine
  • ANY beautiful ribbon from The Ribbon Retreat – I prefer at least 1 1/2 inch width
  • Eyelet set ( I purchased from Michael’s)
  • Twine

Let’s get started.  First drill into your dowel using the drill gun.  Go slow and steady and you’ll have no problem.  I used a SUPER small drill bit for the smaller dowel and a larger drill bit for the larger dowel.  As long as your twine fits through, it’s big enough.

1/4 inch dowel

1/2 inch dowel

Cut your ribbon to desired length and heat seal the ends.  Then you have 2 options at this point.  You can fold over and sew the ends OR you can fold over and hot glue the ends.  Both will work, this is just personal preference.  Below, I simply hot glued.

Grab your eyelet pack and READ THE DIRECTIONS.  I bought this set at Michael’s.

Here are all of the tools that came in the set.

I started by punching a tiny hole in the doubled ribbon.

I followed the instructions and added an eyelet to the ribbon.

Then I simply used the twine to attach my ribbon to the stick.  You could use wire or a metal ring, but I liked the added color from the twine {and the twine really held up}.  You could always JAZZ it up by allowing your little one to paint their own wood stick.

Can you see your little one {or better yet, YOURSELF} dancing around the room with one of the fabulous ribbon sticks?  My little guy LOVES them and so do my preschool students.Yeah, the grass is just starting to really get green here in Colorado, but it’s still patchy.  I just love Spring and seeing all of the plants come back to life!

Pin this great tutorial today for a fun and inexpensive gift!

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