Adorable Cow “MOOOOO”

Spring is here, the grass is growing, animals abound…  ahhh!  I just love it!  What a great time of the year to learn about the Farm.  Just for fun I created a great little entry way for the kids.   I simply used construction paper to make this simple barn entryway to preschool. 

Yes, we go to preschool in the basement, but it’s fully finished and really light.  I love being able to teach down there and then come upstairs, close the door and not think about work.

This past week we made the most adorable giant cows. The kids love them and can’t wait for me to take them off the wall so they can take them home.  I simply used construction paper and glue.  I have a simple hand-drawn master in PDF form that you can download if you wish.  Cow Parts PDF

For the body I used a 12×18 inch sheet of white construction paper and simply drew a jelly bean shape.  The tail is made of 3 pieces of black yarn.

Hope you enjoy our super cute cows and make some with your little ones!

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