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I can’t wait to show you the adorable home school space that I created for my daughter.  Ready???  Here it is!   Ally desk coverIt’s Thursday now and I have nearly completed my daughter’s first week of home school in conjunction with running my Preschool.  Whew!  It’s actually been really good and she has enjoyed helping out in the Preschool class.  Besides that she’s practicing lots of life skills, like reading aloud to kids, engaging them in meaningful conversation and guiding them without giving answers.Ally desk 3

Prior to the start of our week I created a special work space in my office for her.  I just love all of the cubbies for her various classes and supplies and the color scheme is simply delicious!  I was pretty lucky that I had everything already in my house except for the desk and the cubbies.  I got those without breaking the bank at IKEA.  Wahoo!Ally desk 2Of course I had to leave lots of space for her to display work, pictures of her family and reference sheets.   You’ll see that even on day ONE we’ve already put up art work and projects.Ally desk 1

This space is going to get LOTS of use, but is reserved for SCHOOL ONLY.  She has her own “fun desk” space upstairs in our loft.  This space is located in the basement right next to my desk.  It has worked out perfectly so far!  I hope God continues to bless this endeavor over the next 6 months!  How about you?  Do you home school or have you ever thought of doing it?

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Christmas Trivet

Yup, I’m here again with a post-Christmas, Christmas project.  {Sigh, again}  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Pin this idea for Christmas next year.  I love having my preschool students create a gift for their family that can be saved and used at Christmas year after year.  This year we created Christmas Trivets.  trivet cover - Page 001

Don’t know what a trivet is?  Well, it’s that thing you put on your wood table to protect it when you have a hot dish to serve.trivet 1 - Page 001

We started with a 6×6 white tile from Home Depot.  I think they were $0.48 each.  I purchased cork contact paper to stick to the back to keep it from scratching that table you are trying to protect.trivet 2 - Page 001

I had all of the kids paint a Christmas tree.  I helped them with the tree part and they added their own ornaments and tree trunk.trivet 3 - Page 001

Allow them to dry overnight.  Next, use a protective clear coat of spray paint to protect their beautiful artwork.  We painted giant pieces of paper and wrapped them up with a bow.  Simple, but oh so cute!trivet 4 - Page 001

Happy New Year!!!  I hope your 2013 is blessed!small signature

I’m on Etsy!

Wow!  I sure have my hands full lately, but to add to the craziness I’m working on selling some ADORABLE handmade products!!!  I saw a version of these at a craft show I attended and fell in LUV, so I just had to make some myself.  I figured, if I loved them that much, other people might like them to so I started making them!

I have more to come, but these are the completed items.  They are all available in black, white, antique white, brick red, ocean blue, sage green, and walnut brown.  Check them out at my Etsy Shop – Among the Aspens!

Merry Christmas!

Fall Mantel

This year my Fall Mantel is SUPER SIMPLE.  By far my favorite part is the ruffle banner that I made.

Simply buy 1-2 yards of orange felt.  Cut it into 2-3 inch wide strips.  The goal is to be consistent.  If you choose to cut the strips 3 inches wide, cut them all at 3 inches wide.

Use a simple needle and any kind of thread to create a ruffle.  (see how I ran the string through the middle of each ruffle?) I didn’t measure or anything, just eyeballed it.  I love the way it turned out!  Make your own before Thanksgiving!Have a great Thursday!

Canvas Wall Name Art

Happy Friday, happy, happy Friday!  {Can you hear the tune?  I can as I type}  Anyways, do you remember the canvas wall I’m working on and the cute “Teague Family” signs?  I promised a tutorial and here it is.  🙂  Can I just say that I love my growing canvas wall.  I can’t wait to have this thing full of pics.  It will be a show stopper.

I purchased these wonderful burned edge words from Pick Your Plum.  Yeah, I’m a PYP junkie, sorry!  They looked great, but the letters all run together making it a little big difficult to read.  The letter “m” and letter “l” and letter “i” just look like one weird blob.  It had to be fixed.

I chose to paint them, so if they ended up looking terrible I could just repaint instead of ruining them.  I started by chosing a base color.  I’m really enjoying teal right now, so why not?  I also really love creating my own colors and personally I think I’m pretty good at color mixing to get exactly the shade I’m looking for.  I used a turquoise, added a little green and a little black.  Oh yeah, please don’t mind my ugly paint mat.  I’m too cheap to buy a pretty one each time I paint just for blog pics.  🙂  Ha!I painted each word with several coats of the paint and let them dry.  Then I had to decide which letter I wanted on “top” {notice the way the “y” is in front of the “l” and the “a” is in front of the “f”.}  I used a black paint marker to make the front letter stand out.

After that I used a dry brush technique {put a tiny bit of paint onto a dry brush and on scrap paper wipe MOST of it off.  Then “dry brush” whatever you want} to paint all of the edges and the distress the dark black lines I made with the paint pen. 

I just love the way it turned out!  It looks especially great in the hallway with the pictures.

Happy crafting everyone and happy Friday!!!  My baby boy graduated Kindergarten yesterday and both kiddos have their last day of school today.  Wahoo for summer!


Family Photo Canvas Wall

Ding….. Dong! …. {Picture me dashing to the door} That’s my favorite sound when I know a package has been shipped and should arrive soon.  Look what arrived on my porch last week…

Yup, it’s a 16×20 canvas print.  Oh how I love me some canvas!

{ On a side note:   See that ice chest?  We live somewhere that fresh milk gets delivered by the milkman once a week.  Lucky, I know.}


This is what’s inside…  A cheesy picture of my kids from 2009.  Yes, even the location of the photo and year are printed at the bottom.

Why do I want an old picture you ask.  Well, I started a family canvas wall.  Let’s be honest, it’s really all about my sweet kiddos.  My goal is to have a CANDID canvas print of each kid for each year of their life.  And yes, I’m hoping it fills the entire hallway.

This is what it looked like the morning the package arrived.  Canvas prints are expensive so this is a work in progress.

Now I’ve added a great “Teague Family” sign and MY NEW canvas.  The hallway does not have good lighting, so I did my best.  🙂

I just love the texture that the canvas prints add to the wall since they are different depths.

I have 4 more canvas prints on order and I can’t wait to show you what it looks like then.  I want to purposely add pictures of my Grandparents so my kids never forget their heritage.

Canvas on Demand did not sponsor this post, but I would highly recommend them.  The on-line upload was super easy and it arrived at my door quickly and well packaged.  Check them out on my side bar.

Later this week I’ll post about my Teague Family signs.  Have a great Monday!


Momogrammed Necklace Tutorial & A GIVEAWAY!

As most of you already know I made some fabulous monogrammed necklaces for my daughter’s 8th birthday party.  It is super easy!

First, I used my Cricut to cut perfect 3/4 inch circles out of scrapbook paper and I cut vinyl letters also using my Cricut. I laid the paper with the resin letter inside each charm on a paper towel.

I purchased a Resin Kit at Hobby Lobby and followed the directions on the box.

I actually put enough resin onto each charm to form a dome of resin.  The pics aren’t perfect, but hopefully you are able to see how much resin I used.

**  WARNING  **  When using Resin use disposable everything.  The first time I used my own measuring spoon from the kitchen and never got it completely clean.  This time I used a plastic disposable teaspoon and throw away cups.  When I was done I threw everything away and didn’t have to attempt to clean anything.

I covered each charm with a cup and let it dry for 3 days…  Yeah, it was hard for my daughter to wait.They turned out so cute!  The girls just loved them.  They look especially fabulous in the little metal cases.

Love making things yourself?  Want to win 6 blank necklace charms and metal cases?  Enter here a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and happy crafting!


Party Favors by a Plumster

This past weekend my “baby” girl had her 8th birthday.  Eek!  I am seriously not old enough to have an 8 year old, am I?  I remember crying on her first birthday thinking that 1/18th of my life with her at home had already passed me by.  Now she’s 8.  Cherish these moments Heather…

She wanted a roller skating party, so I couldn’t get real creative with decor since it wasn’t at my home, so I got creative with the gifts.  This is what each girl will get.  What’s inside?  That’s coming silly!

You might remember the notebooks from my post about personalized appreciation gifts I purchased from Pick Your Plum.

Let’s open up the little package and see the goodies.  Yes, they get super cute flower bobby pins for their hair, a personalized necklace and the cute monogrammed notebook.

The bobby pins are just blanks I purchased from Pick Your Plum with plastic flowers also from Pick Your Plum glued on.

I used resin and blank charms from Pick Your Plum to make the necklace. 

I’ll post the tutorial for the necklace later this week.  Aren’t they cute?

I couldn’t resist a cute package from Pick Your Plum and bought these adorable silver cases months ago knowing I would use them at some point.

Don’t the necklaces just look adorable in them?  The girls are going to LUV them!  I’m guessing that by now you’ve figured out that I’m a Pick Your Plum addict.  🙂

This is my sweet girl sporting the necklace she claimed as her own.


Happy crafting!  Hope this inspires you to a) check out Pick Your Plum and b) have fun getting crafty!





Pick Your Plum did not in any way endorse this post or provide the fabulous product.  I purchased these items myself over time and will continue buying their fabulous items for as long as they are in business!  🙂


Count Your Blessings

Hello there!  I’m so glad you stopped by to check out my blog.  Why not follow along via e-mail or “like” Creative Preschool Resources on Facebook?

Now for the Mother’s Day craft idea I promised yesterday.  I always attempt to make something that I’d actually like to see in my own home.  This is a cute sign for holding pics of “BLESSINGS”.  This is perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas or Teacher Appreciation gifts.

The kiddos did their own background paintings on decorative boards from Pick Your Plum.  Then, I distressed the edges for them.  They get to choose their own clothespins and Mod Podge on the “Count Your Blessings” sign.

So super cute and colorful!  I hope the Moms love it!

I also made a couple other versions for Teacher appreciation week.  This one is for my son’s FABULOUS Kindergarten teacher.  I just love her!

Another shot because you can never have too many pictures of a project.

I used vinyl for the lettering on these versions.

The one below is for my daughter’s Second Grade teacher.  She is also absolutely wonderful and has many blessings in her life.

Simple and cute.  I just love this teal color.  You could easily make something similar out of a simple square or rectangle of scrap wood at Home Depot and add some cute clothespins.

Happy crafting!


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Picket Fence Cutie

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend craft night.  I just love to set aside time away from the commitments of home and family to craft with girls.  This is my creation…

Adorable right?  I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  It sits on my porch along with my newly planted flowers to welcome guests.  I love the teal background and the mixture of scrapbook papers that I added to the wooden flags from Pick Your Plum.

Thanks Missy G for hosting craft month!  She’s always looking for fun new projects to offer so this month I suggested we make something similar to the cute picket fence sign I saw made by Alison at Oopsey Daisy. Here’s Alison’s fence:

Adorable too!  You just can’t go wrong with this project.  To make the project easier we simply used the wooden garden stakes you can find at any home improvement store.  That way Giana didn’t have to cut triangles off of the tops of tons of pieces of wood.

And here’s the one made by my friend Giana at Missy G:

Seriously fun!  Who’s feeling crafty now?  I smile EVERY time I see it!  {Insert huge grin here}

Make something cute to make yourself smile!  Happy crafting!





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