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Clothes pin activities are a great way to incorporate learning and fine motor muscle building.  When kiddos use their cute little fingers to pinch the clothes pins open they get a great little workout.

I created several sets of clothes pins for my preschool students using both mini and regular sized clothes pins.  I hot glued fun painted wood pieces {found at your local craft store} to the end of each pin and added letters or numbers.

We started the year using them for basic matching.  Lower case letter to lower case letter, number to number and capital to capital.  Then we started mixing them asking the kiddos to match the capital to the lower case and lower case clips to capital letters.   Later in the year to extend the learning I created beginning sound wheels.  The students are now asked to match the correct letter to the beginning sound of each picture.

If you’d like to download the beginning sound wheels please click on the links below.

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Animal #1 PDF

Fruit PDF

Animal #2 PDF

I hope you enjoy these fun freebies!  Happy crafting & teaching!

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6 thoughts on “Clothespin Games and Printables

  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Will be a fun game for my little friends and I can also assess to see if they know their initial sounds! Way to go!

  2. These will be very fun I teach Head Start and I am always looking for fun ways to teach them these kinds of things!! Thanks for the great resource!!

  3. Thank you for providing a great activity. My daughter will enjoy this one. It is wonderful that you share you talent with others in a way that benefits many.

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