Chicken Activities

Last week in preschool we focused on cows and milk.  This week we turned to the chicken.  The funniest part was trying to explain that the eggs we eat for breakfast cannot be baby chicks even if we sit on them and keep them warm.  🙂  Hmm… how to explain to 3, 4 and 5 years olds about fertilization is pretty funny.  I explained that the “magic” called fertilization hadn’t happened yet, so no matter what, those eggs couldn’t be chicks.

We made fun and simple chicken heads from paper plates, construction paper and google eyes.  The kiddos traced their hand to create the funny red feathers on the top.  We cut triangles for beaks and added google eyes.  Voila!  Done.

We had a family at our school that had just purchased chicks as pets, so they brought them to the Pre-K class on sharing day.  Cute little fuzz balls!

We also did some egg exploration.  We predicted if eggs would sink or float using both raw eggs and hard-boiled {FYI – they both sink}.  Then we cracked open each type of egg and discussed the vocabulary, shell, white and yolk.  The kids got to see how the eggs felt if they wanted to and then of course, washed that raw egg off their hands in the sink.  We also experimented with the shell to discover that it floated if set on top of the water and sunk if we filled it with water.  {surprise, surprise}

For some fun creative art we used plastic Easter eggs to create abstract paintings.  They turned out very cute!


In addition, we played several games that I learned while teaching Kindergarten:

#1 – Chicken, Chicken  –  To play this game ask the children to sit in the circle.  Choose 1 child to be “chicken”.  Ask the “chicken” to sit outside of the group with their back to the group and their eyes closed.  Place a plastic egg behind the “chicken’s” back.  The teacher then taps one child on the head designating them as the “egg borrower”.  The “borrower” quietly sneaks up behind the chicken, takes the eggs, returns to their seat and hides the egg in their lap.  Once that is complete the class as a group says, “Chicken, chicken, who has the egg?”  The chicken then comes to the group and tries to guess who has the egg.  We gave them 3 guesses and then revealed the egg borrower if they were yet to be found.  They wanted to play this for hours….

#2 – Spoon and Egg relay race – Ask the children to line up in even numbered teams.  Give the front child in each group a spoon with a plastic egg.  They had to run down the field, around the hula hoop {you could use anything} and back without dropping the egg.  If they dropped it, they had to come back and start again.  After completing their turn they handed it to the next child in line.  Which ever team completed their turns first won!  Such simple fun!

Hope you enjoy some fun farm games and activities with those you love this week!

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