3-D Christmas Trees

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way…  Oh how I love Christmas!  My house is decorated, presents are wrapped (well, some of them) and Christmas music is playing.  I just love this time of year and the celebration of Jesus’ birth!

My Preschoolers made these adorable 3-D trees using the “cheap” version of paper plates.  You know the kind where you have to use 2 or 3 in order to keep your food from flopping off your plate?  Anyways, have your kids paint TWO PLATES each green.

After they dry… most likely over night, cut one of plates in half like shown below.

Cut the second in half first.  Then with one half cut it in half again making fourths and with the other half just trim off about 1/4 of that and throw it away.  See picture below for clarification.

Get your hot glue gun all warmed up.  (This is a grown up job!) Glue the 2 halves together.

Glue the portion just smaller than a half on next.

Lastly glue the fourths onto the tree.

Once this is completed ask your kiddos to decorate with whatever you have lying around.  I’ve used sequins, pom poms, foam stickers etc.  Enjoy your cute Christmas trees!  They add such fun and festivity to the classroom!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


Little Lamb Ornament

Awe!  I just love looking at this sweet ornament!  My daughter made this adorable ornament years ago at church and we still hang it on our tree. 

I’ve re-created it for my preschool students and I thought I should share it with you as well!  First print out the template here:  Little Lamb Ornament PDF

Cut out the lamb and trace it onto white craft foam.  You can get 4 on a 12×18 sheet of craft foam which costs about $ .89 at Michael’s.

Cut out the craft foam heads.

Have kids cover the lamb shape with cotton balls, insert a photo and display on the tree!!!  Viola!  An adorable ornament for all to see!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Fingerpainting Turkey

I love, love, love this adorable turkey!  The kids had so much fun getting their little fingers sticky in paint.  We started by using a simple drawn rainbow shape.  On each level of the rainbow my preschool kiddos used their fingers to “dot” paint onto each arc.  Making dots and staying on the rainbow is a great fine motor skill.  Then they closed their hand into a fist, we painted the pinky end of their entire hand brown and stamped it into the turkey body.

After it dried we added eyes, a beak, a waddle and some legs.  They turned out so fun, festive and cute!  This would be an easy at-home project as well as a preschool or Kindergarten project.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

DIY Pilgrim Hat and Bonnet

Each year I have my kids dress up for our Thanksgiving Feast.  Last year we were turkeys.  Gobble!  Gobble!  This year we went for the traditional Pilgrims.  Such cuties!  For the little ladies we made bonnets out of 18×12 construction paper.  To make these simple bonnets lay your 18×12 construction paper horizontally.  Cut half way down the paper at the 6 inch mark and the 12 inch mark.  Then pull those 3 sides together and staple to create a bonnet.

For the gentlemen we simply made construction paper hats and attached them to construction paper bands.  No pattern necessary!

The kids enjoyed their delicious feast!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Olympic Par-tay

The Olympics are coming and I can hardly wait to watch the games with my own kids and cheer on The Good Ole U-S-A!

To get the kids in the Olympic spirit we held a little Preschool Olympics party complete with crafts, a couple games and USA inspired snacks.  We started by creating our visors with the Olympic Rings.  I bought foam visors at Michael’s in several colors.

What good athlete doesn’t need something to keep the sun out of their eyes?

Yup, you see right we used toilet paper rolls to make the rings.  They worked perfectly!  Just grab some acrylic paint, foam and toilet paper rolls.  Then, start stamping.  The kids will love them!

After making our visors we made a paper plate discus to throw during our games.  Just use two paper plates and glue them together to form a disc.  {Ahead of time, I added some dried pinto beans in between the plates to add some weight.}  We also used construction paper and wooden skewers to make flags.  We will use both the flags and discs during our games.

Now for the fun stuff.  Strap on your visor and let’s play.  To be honest, it was nearly 100 degrees outside when we had our party, so we did crafts in the shade, played two Olympic games and then had snack time, also in the shade.

GAME #1 – Discus throw

The kids had to stand in a line and take turns throwing their discs. It was so funny to watch them attempt to throw it like a Frisbee.  It was a tricky skill for them.  🙂

We used the flags to mark where their discs landed.  The goal on their next turn was to throw it further then they did the time before.  That way they competed against themselves and it took the pressure off of getting first place.

The second game we did was a simple race.  The kids loved getting out in the heat and running their little hearts out.

After those 2 simple games the kids were hot and sweaty.  We opted out of additional games to gather in the shade and have some snacks.

One of our snacks was large pretzels dipped in white chocolate and red and blue sprinkles.  The other was a layered treat.  Blue jello on the bottom, white whipped cream in the middle and topped with fresh strawberries. Yummo!  I apologize that I didn’t get pics of the snacks, but I think they are pretty self explanatory.

Are you inspired to have an Olympic themed party with the little ones in your life?  Come check out my blog, Creative Preschool Resources for lots of ideas for living, learning and playing with your preschool aged child.


Summer Made Simple: Hiking Necklaces

Okay, so do you remember that I’m trying to be cheap this summer?  Well, I am.  We live in Colorado so what comes more naturally than hiking?  We decided to hit the trail with some cute friends for a hike on Lost Lake Trail.

My kids always enjoy a scavenger hunt to keep them excited during a hike, but carrying a clipboard or a small journal or book just makes them get tired faster.  This time I had a BRIGHT IDEA!  Why not put our scavenger hunt list onto a necklace?  And inside each “paper bead” I put a small treat {an M&M, Sweet Tart etc.}.

First I printed the paper “beads” on my computer.  I cut them out and glued them 3/4 of the way closed, leaving enough space to slide the candy in.  Let the glue dry.  Add a hole punch to the top of each “bead” prior to adding the candy.  Lastly slide the tiny treat into the bead and place on some colorful ribbon.

I explained to the kids prior to the hike what items they were looking for and once they found each thing they got to rip open the paper bead and eat the treat inside. AND, yes even the boys loved them!  {In blue ribbon of course}It kept this crazy crew excited about the hike and looking at nature in new and exciting way.  We also made sure that the paper beads were only ripped open half way ,that way we didn’t have to deal with keeping track of trash.

It was so fun!  They are begging me to make them again the next time we go hiking {which I’m sure will be soon}. 

If you’d like to download a PDF of the beads you are welcome to.  I just ask that you follow along via Facebook or e-mail!  Thanks!  Happy hiking!

Summer Made Simple: Hot Rock Art

Ohh… my kids and I made one of my favorite new summer projects this past week.  They are HOT GARDEN ROCKS.  We found the idea at Eighteen25.

I think kids age 3-10 would enjoy this project.  For the little ones, protect their hands using 2-3 old mismatched socks.   I did this with a 6 & 8 year old and we had NO problems.  I even touched the rocks with my own hands and I knew it was hot, but it wasn’t hot enough to actually burn my hand.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Gather large rocks
  2. Wash and dry the rocks
  3. Heat the oven to 350 degrees
  4. Place the rocks on a cookie sheet and “bake” for 15 minutes
  5. Remove rocks from the oven and place on newspaper on a table or the ground.

LASTLY – Color/paint the rocks with peeled crayons.

The colors are so vibrant and fun.  Once they cooled to the touch (about 30 minutes) we placed them around the yard.  Super cute, super easy.  My kids were begging me to make them again and really, why not?  We had everything we needed already on hand.

So, are you going to make some?

You know your kids would LOVE to!  🙂  Happy summer everyone!






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Summer Made Simple: Water Painting

Water painting with kids isn’t something new and most of your probably already do it, but I tend to get so busy during the school year that some of the simple things in life tend to get pushed out.  NOT THIS SUMMER!  Back to the basics…

To help my kiddos get creative I took out large white construction paper, white crayons and water colors.

At first, my Sweet Girl didn’t want anything to do with it.  That was until she saw me sit down and start drawing my picture.  Suddenly she became very interested in getting creative too.

Don’t our creations look great?  Super simple, super easy, things we already had in our home.  But, they were fun and we did them together. 

My Big Guy made a picture of the solar system.  I loved hearing him name all of the planets as he drew them and then explaining their colors while painting.  BONUS:  A little educational review and some fun, simple art.  Wahoo!

Happy summer to you and yours!






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Preschool Scrapping

If you’ve wondered why I’ve been so busy lately besides all of the day to day things with my own kids, I’ve also been scrapping!  Yes, I’m that weird teacher that creates a scrapbook of pictures and work for all 24 students.  {When I taught first grade I helped them make their own}

My partner teacher and I spent hours just trimming corners and adding a background paper to each and every picture.  The picture above and below shows only a small portion of the pictures that we worked on.

I warn you now that this post has TONS of pictures.  I’m going to show you each page of one of the books.  I love this project.  It provides the parents with ONE book to keep for the year.  It has pictures and work by their child throughout the school year.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Are you tired yet?  Ha!  This is just October.  Lots more to come, so pace yourself if needed.  🙂

I  am already making a plan for how I want to do it differently next year. I want it to be a little easier for me, but still super cute for the parents.   I’ll keep you posted on that as I work on it this summer.  This last pic is the 2 piles of 12 books each.

Have a fantastic day!  So, who is going to make these for their preschool?  Do you give out or get a book like this from your preschool?  There are so many creative teachers out there.  What other great ideas do you have?


100th Day of School Activities

Happy, happy Tuesday!  While you are here you should follow along via e-mail or Facebook.  Check the bar on the right.   Although these activities are written for the 100th day of school they would be great projects for the summer to practice counting to 10 and then counting by 10s to 100.

Most traditional schools celebrate the 100th day of school in February, but when you only go to school 3 days a week, like we do, it takes a while longer to get to 100.  🙂  We just hit that amazing milestone 2 weeks ago.  It’s always such for to celebrate the 100th day!

With the 3 year old class we made 100th day hats and 100th day trail mix. 

Those 2 activities were more than enough for a 1.5 hour long class.  🙂  Our hats started as a flat 3 inch strip with the title on it and 10 one inch strips coming out of the top.  I had it prepped that far before the kids even got to them.  The kiddos had to add 10 letter stamps to each strip of paper, then we stapled them together making a 100th Day crown.  Cute!

With the Pre-K students we wrote/drew what we would buy if we had $100, created 100 day fruit loop necklaces, made the 100 day hats and the 100th day trail mix too. 

Each time we practiced counting by 10s to 100.  The necklaces had 10 of each color and then repeated colors to get to 100.

*Please note: All free printables are only for readers of Creative Preschool Resources . If you enjoy these printables, please take a second to “follow” us to receive email updates or follow via Facebook {top sidebar}. Thank you!

Download the 100th day trail mix PDF

Download the 100th day hat titles

I hope you enjoy the 100th day at your school too or simply enjoy projects focused on the number 100!

Hey, remember I love comments!  Lately I’ve been getting lots of spam and nothing REAL, but if you like this post or think you might use these ideas I’d LOVE to hear from you.  Thanks!

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