100th Day of School Activities

Happy, happy Tuesday!  While you are here you should follow along via e-mail or Facebook.  Check the bar on the right.   Although these activities are written for the 100th day of school they would be great projects for the summer to practice counting to 10 and then counting by 10s to 100.

Most traditional schools celebrate the 100th day of school in February, but when you only go to school 3 days a week, like we do, it takes a while longer to get to 100.  🙂  We just hit that amazing milestone 2 weeks ago.  It’s always such for to celebrate the 100th day!

With the 3 year old class we made 100th day hats and 100th day trail mix. 

Those 2 activities were more than enough for a 1.5 hour long class.  🙂  Our hats started as a flat 3 inch strip with the title on it and 10 one inch strips coming out of the top.  I had it prepped that far before the kids even got to them.  The kiddos had to add 10 letter stamps to each strip of paper, then we stapled them together making a 100th Day crown.  Cute!

With the Pre-K students we wrote/drew what we would buy if we had $100, created 100 day fruit loop necklaces, made the 100 day hats and the 100th day trail mix too. 

Each time we practiced counting by 10s to 100.  The necklaces had 10 of each color and then repeated colors to get to 100.

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Download the 100th day trail mix PDF

Download the 100th day hat titles

I hope you enjoy the 100th day at your school too or simply enjoy projects focused on the number 100!

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