Summer Made Simple: Hiking Necklaces

Okay, so do you remember that I’m trying to be cheap this summer?  Well, I am.  We live in Colorado so what comes more naturally than hiking?  We decided to hit the trail with some cute friends for a hike on Lost Lake Trail.

My kids always enjoy a scavenger hunt to keep them excited during a hike, but carrying a clipboard or a small journal or book just makes them get tired faster.  This time I had a BRIGHT IDEA!  Why not put our scavenger hunt list onto a necklace?  And inside each “paper bead” I put a small treat {an M&M, Sweet Tart etc.}.

First I printed the paper “beads” on my computer.  I cut them out and glued them 3/4 of the way closed, leaving enough space to slide the candy in.  Let the glue dry.  Add a hole punch to the top of each “bead” prior to adding the candy.  Lastly slide the tiny treat into the bead and place on some colorful ribbon.

I explained to the kids prior to the hike what items they were looking for and once they found each thing they got to rip open the paper bead and eat the treat inside. AND, yes even the boys loved them!  {In blue ribbon of course}It kept this crazy crew excited about the hike and looking at nature in new and exciting way.  We also made sure that the paper beads were only ripped open half way ,that way we didn’t have to deal with keeping track of trash.

It was so fun!  They are begging me to make them again the next time we go hiking {which I’m sure will be soon}. 

If you’d like to download a PDF of the beads you are welcome to.  I just ask that you follow along via Facebook or e-mail!  Thanks!  Happy hiking!

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3 thoughts on “Summer Made Simple: Hiking Necklaces

    • Oh yeah. Little ones would totally be into it. It was nice because on our hike they found some things and the beginning, some in the middle and some at the end keeping them engaged and motivated. It was super fun! Thanks for stopping by.

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