Summer Made Simple: Water Painting

Water painting with kids isn’t something new and most of your probably already do it, but I tend to get so busy during the school year that some of the simple things in life tend to get pushed out.  NOT THIS SUMMER!  Back to the basics…

To help my kiddos get creative I took out large white construction paper, white crayons and water colors.

At first, my Sweet Girl didn’t want anything to do with it.  That was until she saw me sit down and start drawing my picture.  Suddenly she became very interested in getting creative too.

Don’t our creations look great?  Super simple, super easy, things we already had in our home.  But, they were fun and we did them together. 

My Big Guy made a picture of the solar system.  I loved hearing him name all of the planets as he drew them and then explaining their colors while painting.  BONUS:  A little educational review and some fun, simple art.  Wahoo!

Happy summer to you and yours!






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5 thoughts on “Summer Made Simple: Water Painting

  1. i wish i cud do something like this with my kiddos,heather! with 5..,21/2,and 8 mo…tthings like this get ………..tough

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