Canvas Wall Name Art

Happy Friday, happy, happy Friday!  {Can you hear the tune?  I can as I type}  Anyways, do you remember the canvas wall I’m working on and the cute “Teague Family” signs?  I promised a tutorial and here it is.  🙂  Can I just say that I love my growing canvas wall.  I can’t wait to have this thing full of pics.  It will be a show stopper.

I purchased these wonderful burned edge words from Pick Your Plum.  Yeah, I’m a PYP junkie, sorry!  They looked great, but the letters all run together making it a little big difficult to read.  The letter “m” and letter “l” and letter “i” just look like one weird blob.  It had to be fixed.

I chose to paint them, so if they ended up looking terrible I could just repaint instead of ruining them.  I started by chosing a base color.  I’m really enjoying teal right now, so why not?  I also really love creating my own colors and personally I think I’m pretty good at color mixing to get exactly the shade I’m looking for.  I used a turquoise, added a little green and a little black.  Oh yeah, please don’t mind my ugly paint mat.  I’m too cheap to buy a pretty one each time I paint just for blog pics.  🙂  Ha!I painted each word with several coats of the paint and let them dry.  Then I had to decide which letter I wanted on “top” {notice the way the “y” is in front of the “l” and the “a” is in front of the “f”.}  I used a black paint marker to make the front letter stand out.

After that I used a dry brush technique {put a tiny bit of paint onto a dry brush and on scrap paper wipe MOST of it off.  Then “dry brush” whatever you want} to paint all of the edges and the distress the dark black lines I made with the paint pen. 

I just love the way it turned out!  It looks especially great in the hallway with the pictures.

Happy crafting everyone and happy Friday!!!  My baby boy graduated Kindergarten yesterday and both kiddos have their last day of school today.  Wahoo for summer!


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