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I can’t wait to show you the adorable home school space that I created for my daughter.  Ready???  Here it is!   Ally desk coverIt’s Thursday now and I have nearly completed my daughter’s first week of home school in conjunction with running my Preschool.  Whew!  It’s actually been really good and she has enjoyed helping out in the Preschool class.  Besides that she’s practicing lots of life skills, like reading aloud to kids, engaging them in meaningful conversation and guiding them without giving answers.Ally desk 3

Prior to the start of our week I created a special work space in my office for her.  I just love all of the cubbies for her various classes and supplies and the color scheme is simply delicious!  I was pretty lucky that I had everything already in my house except for the desk and the cubbies.  I got those without breaking the bank at IKEA.  Wahoo!Ally desk 2Of course I had to leave lots of space for her to display work, pictures of her family and reference sheets.   You’ll see that even on day ONE we’ve already put up art work and projects.Ally desk 1

This space is going to get LOTS of use, but is reserved for SCHOOL ONLY.  She has her own “fun desk” space upstairs in our loft.  This space is located in the basement right next to my desk.  It has worked out perfectly so far!  I hope God continues to bless this endeavor over the next 6 months!  How about you?  Do you home school or have you ever thought of doing it?

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