Christmas Trivet

Yup, I’m here again with a post-Christmas, Christmas project.  {Sigh, again}  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Pin this idea for Christmas next year.  I love having my preschool students create a gift for their family that can be saved and used at Christmas year after year.  This year we created Christmas Trivets.  trivet cover - Page 001

Don’t know what a trivet is?  Well, it’s that thing you put on your wood table to protect it when you have a hot dish to serve.trivet 1 - Page 001

We started with a 6×6 white tile from Home Depot.  I think they were $0.48 each.  I purchased cork contact paper to stick to the back to keep it from scratching that table you are trying to protect.trivet 2 - Page 001

I had all of the kids paint a Christmas tree.  I helped them with the tree part and they added their own ornaments and tree trunk.trivet 3 - Page 001

Allow them to dry overnight.  Next, use a protective clear coat of spray paint to protect their beautiful artwork.  We painted giant pieces of paper and wrapped them up with a bow.  Simple, but oh so cute!trivet 4 - Page 001

Happy New Year!!!  I hope your 2013 is blessed!small signature

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