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This past weekend my “baby” girl had her 8th birthday.  Eek!  I am seriously not old enough to have an 8 year old, am I?  I remember crying on her first birthday thinking that 1/18th of my life with her at home had already passed me by.  Now she’s 8.  Cherish these moments Heather…

She wanted a roller skating party, so I couldn’t get real creative with decor since it wasn’t at my home, so I got creative with the gifts.  This is what each girl will get.  What’s inside?  That’s coming silly!

You might remember the notebooks from my post about personalized appreciation gifts I purchased from Pick Your Plum.

Let’s open up the little package and see the goodies.  Yes, they get super cute flower bobby pins for their hair, a personalized necklace and the cute monogrammed notebook.

The bobby pins are just blanks I purchased from Pick Your Plum with plastic flowers also from Pick Your Plum glued on.

I used resin and blank charms from Pick Your Plum to make the necklace. 

I’ll post the tutorial for the necklace later this week.  Aren’t they cute?

I couldn’t resist a cute package from Pick Your Plum and bought these adorable silver cases months ago knowing I would use them at some point.

Don’t the necklaces just look adorable in them?  The girls are going to LUV them!  I’m guessing that by now you’ve figured out that I’m a Pick Your Plum addict.  🙂

This is my sweet girl sporting the necklace she claimed as her own.


Happy crafting!  Hope this inspires you to a) check out Pick Your Plum and b) have fun getting crafty!





Pick Your Plum did not in any way endorse this post or provide the fabulous product.  I purchased these items myself over time and will continue buying their fabulous items for as long as they are in business!  🙂


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