Feed the Penguin Game

Hi all!  I hope you are enjoying Winter.  It was downright cold here in Colorado for about 4-5 days (like a high of 15) and now we’re going to have a week in the 50’s.  Oh how I love Colorado weather!  Anyways, this week at Preschool is letter “Pp” week.  We are of course learning about Penguins and played a super fun counting game.feed penguin cover

I printed out the game cards numbered 1-12.  I told the kids that the penguins were hungry and needed to be fed the correct amount of fish.  We used Swedish fish, but you could also use Goldfish or pictures of fish.feed penguin 1

I hope you and your little ones enjoy this counting game as much as we did!feed penguin 2

You can download the JPEG of each number to manipulate the size as desired here:

1    2    3    4     6   7   8   9   10   11   12

Have fun feeding the penguins!small signature





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