Olympic Par-tay

The Olympics are coming and I can hardly wait to watch the games with my own kids and cheer on The Good Ole U-S-A!

To get the kids in the Olympic spirit we held a little Preschool Olympics party complete with crafts, a couple games and USA inspired snacks.  We started by creating our visors with the Olympic Rings.  I bought foam visors at Michael’s in several colors.

What good athlete doesn’t need something to keep the sun out of their eyes?

Yup, you see right we used toilet paper rolls to make the rings.  They worked perfectly!  Just grab some acrylic paint, foam and toilet paper rolls.  Then, start stamping.  The kids will love them!

After making our visors we made a paper plate discus to throw during our games.  Just use two paper plates and glue them together to form a disc.  {Ahead of time, I added some dried pinto beans in between the plates to add some weight.}  We also used construction paper and wooden skewers to make flags.  We will use both the flags and discs during our games.

Now for the fun stuff.  Strap on your visor and let’s play.  To be honest, it was nearly 100 degrees outside when we had our party, so we did crafts in the shade, played two Olympic games and then had snack time, also in the shade.

GAME #1 – Discus throw

The kids had to stand in a line and take turns throwing their discs. It was so funny to watch them attempt to throw it like a Frisbee.  It was a tricky skill for them.  🙂

We used the flags to mark where their discs landed.  The goal on their next turn was to throw it further then they did the time before.  That way they competed against themselves and it took the pressure off of getting first place.

The second game we did was a simple race.  The kids loved getting out in the heat and running their little hearts out.

After those 2 simple games the kids were hot and sweaty.  We opted out of additional games to gather in the shade and have some snacks.

One of our snacks was large pretzels dipped in white chocolate and red and blue sprinkles.  The other was a layered treat.  Blue jello on the bottom, white whipped cream in the middle and topped with fresh strawberries. Yummo!  I apologize that I didn’t get pics of the snacks, but I think they are pretty self explanatory.

Are you inspired to have an Olympic themed party with the little ones in your life?  Come check out my blog, Creative Preschool Resources for lots of ideas for living, learning and playing with your preschool aged child.


Count Your Blessings

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Now for the Mother’s Day craft idea I promised yesterday.  I always attempt to make something that I’d actually like to see in my own home.  This is a cute sign for holding pics of “BLESSINGS”.  This is perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas or Teacher Appreciation gifts.

The kiddos did their own background paintings on decorative boards from Pick Your Plum.  Then, I distressed the edges for them.  They get to choose their own clothespins and Mod Podge on the “Count Your Blessings” sign.

So super cute and colorful!  I hope the Moms love it!

I also made a couple other versions for Teacher appreciation week.  This one is for my son’s FABULOUS Kindergarten teacher.  I just love her!

Another shot because you can never have too many pictures of a project.

I used vinyl for the lettering on these versions.

The one below is for my daughter’s Second Grade teacher.  She is also absolutely wonderful and has many blessings in her life.

Simple and cute.  I just love this teal color.  You could easily make something similar out of a simple square or rectangle of scrap wood at Home Depot and add some cute clothespins.

Happy crafting!


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Mother’s Day Interview

Happy Monday!  The weeks are flying by, holy cow it’s almost summer break.  Yikes!  Sunday is Mother’s Day and in order to make something for the Moms of the kiddos in our class we have to work on it a little bit each day.

This year we’re making a card for Mother’s Day with a simple interview.  I always love hearing the kids silly answers to these questions.  I ask the kids to draw their best picture of their Mom or Grandma in the top section and then I interview them and write their answers on the bottom section.  I made a color version and a black and white version as well as a Grandma version depending on the child’s home situation.

Download the color PDF

Download the black and white PDF

Download the Grandma black and white PDF

Tomorrow I’ll share our Mother’s Day gifts that we’re making for our Moms.  Happy Mother’s Day (almost).

May Day Surprise

Did you remember that tomorrow is May Day?  It’s not a common thing to celebrate, but it is a traditional celebration of Spring.  Just for fun we are adding some May Day flowers to our neighbor’s front porches.

Aren’t they cute?

A little Spring pop of color on their front door should bring a smile to their faces.

I know I’d love to find something like that on my front door tomorrow!  Here are the free printable tags.

Download the tag in a PDF with 4 to a sheet. Have fun with this printable and remember to follow along for great ideas!





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Chick and Egg Art

I’m guest posting today at The Ribbon Retreat Blog.  Check it out!

But first…

Today I have a FABULOUS Easter craft that is as unique as it is cute.  Check out this lovely project.   Yup, those are real eggs I saved from the trash. The chick in the egg makes my heart smile every time I see it.  Isn’t he so cute?  Cheep, cheep..

This project is super easy to make.  Begin with your background paper, whatever color you’d like.  Using hot glue, apply the eggs.  I preferred the staggered pattern, but you might like them lined up straight.  It’s up to you!  If you ever wondered how chicks stay warm inside the egg, you’ll find out.  Those shells are AMAZING heat conductors so watch your fingers.

Now to make your own pom pom chick.  First get your favorite yellow yarn and any fork.  Wrap the yarn around the fork 70-90 times depending on how full you want your pom pom. 

Tie it tight between the tines of the fork.

Slip it off of the fork turn it over and tie it again really tight.

Almost done…  Now, cut each of the little loops using pointed scissors.

You are now left with a scraggly looking pom pom.  Simply trim it up to make it even.  I think of it as giving my little chick a hair cut.  Make a second pom pom and trim it  to make it smaller for the chick’s head.  I added little eyes using “puffy” paint and a tiny triangle beak using orange felt.

I finished off the project by adding cute polka dot ribbon around the edges and popping it into a frame without glass.  I hope you enjoyed my Chick and Egg art!


Easter Math Activities

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There are TONS of fun things that you can “play/do” with your child around Easter to help them practice essential beginning math skills.

Number plastic eggs 1-12 and have your child place them in an egg carton in order by number.  Have children add the correct quantity of jelly beans into each egg.

Practice number writing using this ADORABLE Easter number writing practice page.

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If you’d like a PDF of this page click on the link How Many Easter Page

To practice simple addition place random numbers of jelly beans into plastic eggs and snap shut.  Have your child choose 2 eggs from the basket.  I would print out the worksheet and place it in a page protector {use white boards markers}.  Have your child draw and/or write how many jelly beans were found in each egg and then determine HOW MANY ALL TOGETHER.   Here are 2 different options based on child’s ability.

Download the PDF of Easter Egg Addition

For more fun hands-on math ask your child to complete a pattern out of jelly beans OR plastic Easter egg halves {to prevent annoying rolling}.

Have fun with MATH every day!  Happy Easter!

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Easter LOVE Note Printables

Easter is almost here!  WOW!!!  Only 2 months until Summer break in Colorado.  The countdown begins.  🙂

Do you ever feel you don’t do enough?  Well, I want to be the Mom who has kids that write love notes to their Grandparents & Great Grandparents every holiday.  Unfortunately, I’m not WONDER Mom and sometimes those little things that mean so much get lost in the shuffle. 🙁

This year is going to be different!  I’ve created a simple page that my kids can personalize with their own art, be it painted or drawn to send to loved ones.

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For little people have them trace the words “Happy Easter”.  Download the Little Kid Easter Love Note

Older kids can easily write a love note on this cute lined paper and add their own special art work.  Download the Big Kid Easter Love Note

Enjoy surprising someone you love this Easter!  I know the notes my kiddos made will end up on several refrigerators!

Print and personalize these today to “pop” in the mail for Easter!  {I think I might make one to send to each of my kids as a surprise.  Who doesn’t love getting REAL mail?}

Happy Easter!

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Easter Trace and Cut Practice Printables

Easter is here and I am in LOVE with all of the beautiful Spring colors!  My little ones always need practice tracing left to right and on curved lines.  Slide these adorable printables into a page protector and let your kiddos use white board markers to practice tracing as many times as they please.  Straight Line download

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Practicing tracing curved lines is just as important as straight lines.  Here is the PDF Curved Line download

Aren’t they super cute?

Love the bright Spring colors!

Since cutting pages CAN’T be re-used I made the cutting practice page in black and white so making several copies won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  🙂

Enjoy building those pre-writing skills with your little one and practice cutting, cutting, cutting!

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Paper Egg Art

I am so excited to share today’s tutorial with you!  It is the cutest stitched Easter egg I’ve ever seen.  🙂

My stitched paper egg is such a great addition to my Easter mantel.  I love all of the bright pops of color, and sewing paper is SO seriously EASY! 

I started by cutting ovals using Continue reading

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