Easter Math Activities

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There are TONS of fun things that you can “play/do” with your child around Easter to help them practice essential beginning math skills.

Number plastic eggs 1-12 and have your child place them in an egg carton in order by number.  Have children add the correct quantity of jelly beans into each egg.

Practice number writing using this ADORABLE Easter number writing practice page.

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If you’d like a PDF of this page click on the link How Many Easter Page

To practice simple addition place random numbers of jelly beans into plastic eggs and snap shut.  Have your child choose 2 eggs from the basket.  I would print out the worksheet and place it in a page protector {use white boards markers}.  Have your child draw and/or write how many jelly beans were found in each egg and then determine HOW MANY ALL TOGETHER.   Here are 2 different options based on child’s ability.

Download the PDF of Easter Egg Addition

For more fun hands-on math ask your child to complete a pattern out of jelly beans OR plastic Easter egg halves {to prevent annoying rolling}.

Have fun with MATH every day!  Happy Easter!

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Letter S Snowflake Graph

Snow, snow everywhere!  I just love this time of year.  I know some of you loathe snow, but being a California girl {for 25+ years}, I still find it fun to have Colorado snow in my new wonderful state!  To continue our graphing skills {money graphing, heart graphing}, this week we will be sorting snowflakes by size and then graphing our results.

I love allowing the kids to pick-up, move and manipulate the items they are graphing rather than counting items from a picture on a worksheet.  I always attempt to use REAL things they can touch to make it mean more.  You can get the snowflake graph here.

Valentine Math

I LOVE Valentine’s Day and anything fun to do with hearts.  There are a million ways to do math for Valentine’s Day, but here are a few of my favorites…

Candy Heart Sorting – pdf version

If you’d like to download a simple candy heart graph just click:  color version…   black/white version

Candy Heart Patterning – pdf version

Cut/Glue Hearts in order – pdf version

I made these into a fun garland for the kids.  They water painted them first.

Enjoy the free printables!  Happy counting, patterning graphing and sorting!

Penny & Nickel Sort

Playing with money is super fun!  Give each kiddo a handful of pennies and nickels and ask them to sort using the sorting sheet provided.  They’ll think it’s a game, you know it’s coin recognition and sorting rolled into one, plus counting to get their final results and you could even compare {which has more?  which has less?}!  Continue reading

Make-Your-Own Tactile Number Book

What Preschool age kiddo doesn’t LOVE touching and counting things?  Kids are  hands-on learners {they want to touch and explore just about everything}.  Let them make their own counting book Continue reading

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