Chick and Egg Art

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But first…

Today I have a FABULOUS Easter craft that is as unique as it is cute.  Check out this lovely project.   Yup, those are real eggs I saved from the trash. The chick in the egg makes my heart smile every time I see it.  Isn’t he so cute?  Cheep, cheep..

This project is super easy to make.  Begin with your background paper, whatever color you’d like.  Using hot glue, apply the eggs.  I preferred the staggered pattern, but you might like them lined up straight.  It’s up to you!  If you ever wondered how chicks stay warm inside the egg, you’ll find out.  Those shells are AMAZING heat conductors so watch your fingers.

Now to make your own pom pom chick.  First get your favorite yellow yarn and any fork.  Wrap the yarn around the fork 70-90 times depending on how full you want your pom pom. 

Tie it tight between the tines of the fork.

Slip it off of the fork turn it over and tie it again really tight.

Almost done…  Now, cut each of the little loops using pointed scissors.

You are now left with a scraggly looking pom pom.  Simply trim it up to make it even.  I think of it as giving my little chick a hair cut.  Make a second pom pom and trim it  to make it smaller for the chick’s head.  I added little eyes using “puffy” paint and a tiny triangle beak using orange felt.

I finished off the project by adding cute polka dot ribbon around the edges and popping it into a frame without glass.  I hope you enjoyed my Chick and Egg art!


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