Snowflake Stamping

Hi all!  Happy Friday!  I hope you are having a great New Year!  Here is a fun paintin’ and countin’ project.  (This is supposed to make you think of sippin’ and paintin’.  Ha!)  snow paint cover

Months ago I pinned a cute idea using a set of pine needles to create snowflake stamps.  It’s from Family Fun magazine I believe, but the link is no longer working.  I’m sure you can find it on their page with a little digging.  Anyways I couldn’t just leave it as a cute art project but wanted to extend it to include learning.snowflake

Right now we’re reviewing numbers 1-5 with my Preschool class before we move on to harder numbers.  I decided to incorporate the cute idea above with some Math.  I created a simple printable for students to put the correct amount of snowflake stamps in each section.  Unfortunately after attempting the above craft I had a hard time finding a tree that had the needles going in a circle.  Our sample stamps turned out terrible.  Maybe you can find some in your neck of the woods, so we used these fluffy pom pom balls. snow paint 1  They turned out a little more like snowballs than snowflakes, but they were fun none the less.

You can get a PDF of the SNOWFLAKE PRINTABLE by clicking on the link.  The kids really enjoyed this and it added a winter-scape to our walls, all while using our Math skills!

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