2012 Top 5 Posts

Hey all!  I hope you had a blessed Christmas and are looking forward to a promising 2013!  Our family didn’t write out “resolutions” but we made goals for 2013 in the areas of: relational goals, physical goals, educational goals and most importantly spiritual goals.  My goals may not be exciting to others, but I love looking forward with continued hope and anticipation of what God is going to do in our lives.  Here are a few of my 2013 Goals…2013 goals

I just bought and opened Photoshop Elements 11 for the FIRST TIME EVER two days ago.  I created the above in about 10 minutes.  Not bad for a beginner… now to learn even more!

My first year blogging was fun and exciting!   And now for the TOP 5 Posts of 2012…

  Preschool Farm Pack optimized cover

 Clothespin Games & Printables

beginning sound clip game - Page 001

 Let’s Get Buggy Pack FREE Bug Pack Cover

 Simple Pig Craft pig 3 - Page 001

 Farm Number Match-up Game

Farm number  9-12 - Page 001

I hope you are looking forward to a great 2013!

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I’m back!!

Hi everyone!  So I have to put a paper bag over my face, hang my head and say I’ve slacked for months!  I really enjoyed blogging, but when I received the news that I couldn’t create it into the business I was hoping, I lost steam.

I feel guilty that I stopped blogging all over dinero, (or lack thereof) but I did.

Regardless of the details, I’d like to start blogging again.  I’m still teaching, I still LOVE teaching and I LOVE being creative with my kids and students.  I won’t blog everyday, because I can’t handle that, but when I have something fun to to share with you, I will.

I hope you’ll forgive me for my months of being absent and once again enjoy occasional teaching/kid/crafting related posts.  Maybe another day I’ll write a longer post explaining where I’ve been, but for now I’d just like to say, “I’m BAAACKKK!”

Summer Made Simple: Straw Art

I am in “FULL SUMMER MODE” and am finding it hard to sit down to blog.  In fact, if I’m being completely honest I just don’t want to.  I’m enjoying my family way too much.  So, if my appearances here are hit and miss please forgive me.  🙂  Family comes first.

Last week my kiddos and I made the prettiest art project! 

It is really simple.  Find some paint, straws, paper and paint brushes.

Begin with your “blow-ed” flowers.  {I watered down our paint a smidge to make it easier to blow}  Place blobs of paint around the paper and have your child blow the blobs into flowers.  This will have them huffing and puffing for sure.

Once you’ve completed your desired flowers they might look something like this…After that dries, use both yellow and green paint to add stems.  I kept the paint separate and had the kids dip their brush in both colors before painting each stem.  It gives a nice effect.

After the stems and leaves dry water down your paint to a water color consistency {or better yet, use watercolors} and paint the entire background blue.  I think they turned out just lovely and can’t wait to display them in our home!

Happy summer and happy painting!


I love my St. Patrick’s Day inspired wreath so much I’m giving away a mini version of it!    It really is an “anyday” color scheme, so who cares when you put it up.  In fact, when I’m done with it on the front door it will go perfectly in my downstairs bathroom!The mini version is approximately 10 inches in diameter and will have 3 small “clip on” flowers just like the original so the wreath could be interchangable for another season.  I’m all about being dual multi-purpose!  Here is the mini one.  I’m sorry I don’t have a fancy camera and this was the best shot I could get this morning.

How to enter to win:

Leave a comment for each of the following {giving you up to 2 chances to win}:

1.  Leave a comment that you Follow Creative Preschool Resources by e-mail {make sure you actually do}


2.  Leave a comment that you follow Creative Preschool Resources on Facebook and share the giveaway with your friends on Facebook.

You must actually follow Creative Preschool Resources by e-mail OR by Facebook to win the prize.  Giveaway available for people living in the continental United States only.  The contest will end on Sunday, March 4, 2012.  A winner will be chosen at random on March 5, 2012 so check back to see if you won!  The PRIZE will be shipped on March 9, 2012.  Good luck!