W is for Weather

This week we are learning about various types of weather with our preschool students.  The kids know the weather is different every day but don’t understand why it rains or snows etc.  We’ll read several books about weather, then make some puppets that represent different types of weather.  PDF Weather puppets

Then we play “Guess the Weather”.  I might say something like:

“This kind of weather is sometimes very hot.  There aren’t any clouds in the sky.  What weather am I talking about?”  OR  “I’m thinking about weather that is cold.  You would need to wear gloves and a warm hat for this kind of weather.  What am I talking about?”  They then respond with the correct puppet rather than shouting out the answer.  This game works on listening skills as well as comprehension.

We will also do several experiments including this one from Pinterest about why it rains.  There is no website to give credit to or I would direct you to the site.  You add water to the cup, cover with foamy shaving cream and then add blue food coloring on top of the clouds.  You can then explain that when clouds get heavy with precipitation it has to rain.

As a class we will create a “Favorite Weather” graph.  We will then transfer our results to paper graphs for each child.  We can’t wait to have fun with our students!

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