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Welcome to Creative Preschool Resources!  Recently my son had a Jedi, lego swimming birthday party.  Yeah, it was hard to integrate them all.  Here’s the invite I made.  I thought it turned out pretty decent considering the MANY themes.  🙂  A few personal things are blacked out.

The party itself was pretty simple since it included 2 hours at the Rec Center Pool.  A few games were:

Hide & Seek Lego – Simply hide legos around the yard or room to have kids hunt and find.

Over/Under Lego – You know the over under game?  Do that relay with legos.

I made and gave out some ADORABLE lego themed party favors.  Check out these rip-open stitched treat pouches!

Simply trace a simple lego head shape, add a mouth and eyes. 

Use your sewing machine to stitch 3/4 of the way around.  Then add candy while they are still on your machine, then stitch the rest of the way closed.

Kids can RIP INTO THEM after the party.  We filled ours with Star Wars Pod characters, stickers, Star Wars band aids and candy.

I also made faux cake pop lego heads using the GIANT marshmallows.  Have you seem those mondo mega size marshmallows.  Holy cow, gross.  I started by sticking 1/2 of a large marshmallow for the top and for the head I used the giant sized marshmallow.

I added a stick and then dipped them into yellow chocolate from Michael’s.

I let them cool and then added the cute face. 

Once they cooled I put them in a plastic bag and they were ready to go. 

Personally I don’t like marshmallow, but my hubby ate one that I messed up.  His comment was, “Wow, those are sweet.”  Um, duh!  You are eating marshmallow dipped in chocolate…

My friend Missy G recently made an adorable lego banner for her son.  A cute party decoration!  Check it out!







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