Preschool – Letter Aa

So many people wonder what to do with their Preschool kiddos to provide a well rounded curriculum.  Well, I’d love to share our plan with you!  Each week we have a focus on a letter, color/shape, math concept and Bible story.  Follow along at your own Preschool school or at home with your little one for ideas!  Join us!

We have two different age groups of cuties with us.  Preschool, which are young 3’s to young 4’s and Pre-K, which is 4’s-5’s.  Today I’ll share “What we did” with our Preschool kiddos and then another day I’ll share what the Pre-K did.

After introducing the letter Aa and the sound it makes we completed a do-a-dot project for Aa.  You can find these in my “shop” for Creative Preschool Resources.  Just $1.50 for the entire alphabet, upper & lower case!do a dot

While one group was making their do-a-dot A’s, the other half of the class was listening to “The Biggest Apple” on the listening center.  I always get my listening centers from Scholastic.

For math we focused on sorting this week!  We sorted apples by color, pom pom balls by color and even plastic bugs by color.

sort bugs

We read the story David and Goliath this week incorporating lots of action to get the kids involved.  To help them re-tell the story we created David & Goliath stick puppets.


The next day we created the cutest capital A’s and turned them into alligators with googly eyes.  This project is from ABC Twiggles.


We celebrated a birthday with a cute little 3 year old!!birthday color hats

Above we created color hats for our color of the week, red.  Of course, the week wouldn’t be complete without a wear red day and red sharing (aka show & tell) day.  Such a fun week for these little ones.  Throw in free choice, recess, stories, songs and cleaning up and our 4.5 hours were very productive!

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