Jonah and the Big Fish

I just love watching the kids eyes light up when they hear the story of Jonah for the first time and they hear about the big fish swallowing Jonah…  just priceless.  To help us remember all of the fun we’ve had with the Jonah story we are making these adorable {at least I think so} paper stuffed whales.  Your kids will LOVE making these with you!


  • Paper sack (any color)
  • newspaper
  • rubber band
  • scissors & paint brush
  • blue paint
  • Google eyes
  • Red construction paper
  • Blue construction paper

Here are the details:

  1. Open paper sack and stuff 2-ish pieces of newspaper inside.
  2. Pull the bag closed and wrap a rubber band around.
  3. Gently open the “tail” and fan it out.
  4. Trim the “tail” into fins.
  5. Ask children to paint the whale blue.  {Let dry a few hours or overnight}
  6. Add Google eyes and red mouth to whale face.  {I recommend glue dots instead of glue}
  7. Using a pencil poke a hole into the top of the whale’s head.
  8.  Cut a small rectangle of blue constuction paper (approx. 3×5)
  9. Cut a fringe on the blue construction paper without cutting the paper apart.
  10. Use a pencil to roll the construction paper on the fringe portion of the paper.
  11. Roll the paper to create a spout and secure with tape.
  12. Insert spout into hole created by pencil “poke” in step 7.

Now you’ve got an adorable paper bag whale!

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