Summer Made Simple: Straw Art

I am in “FULL SUMMER MODE” and am finding it hard to sit down to blog.  In fact, if I’m being completely honest I just don’t want to.  I’m enjoying my family way too much.  So, if my appearances here are hit and miss please forgive me.  🙂  Family comes first.

Last week my kiddos and I made the prettiest art project! 

It is really simple.  Find some paint, straws, paper and paint brushes.

Begin with your “blow-ed” flowers.  {I watered down our paint a smidge to make it easier to blow}  Place blobs of paint around the paper and have your child blow the blobs into flowers.  This will have them huffing and puffing for sure.

Once you’ve completed your desired flowers they might look something like this…After that dries, use both yellow and green paint to add stems.  I kept the paint separate and had the kids dip their brush in both colors before painting each stem.  It gives a nice effect.

After the stems and leaves dry water down your paint to a water color consistency {or better yet, use watercolors} and paint the entire background blue.  I think they turned out just lovely and can’t wait to display them in our home!

Happy summer and happy painting!

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