Denver Children’s Museum Review

If you have little ones, live in Denver or ever come to Denver, then you HAVE to check out the Children’s Museum!  It is one of the MOST FUN places you can take your kiddo.

Watch their eyes light up in the bubble room.  Your little explorer can blow bubbles of all shapes and sizes, catch bubbles filled with smoke and build a bubble wall around themself.

Get crafty in the art room.  Painting, coloring, using markers, the fun never ends!

Dress up and build in the train room.  A favorite of my little ones…









One of their newest rooms is 1..2..3.. blast off!  A super fun rocket makin’, rocket shootin’ room!  LOVE THIS!  All the supplies are laid out to make a simple rocket.  The kids can put the rocket over an air compressor nozzle and shoot their rocket over and over again!









Become a fire man and climb aboard a fire truck.  Turn on the siren, practice making 911 calls etc.

Pretend to be Mom and grocery shop or work in a pizza shop.

Ultimately your child’s imagination will go on over-drive and you’ll have loads and loads of fun in the building room, the dress-up room, and the over/under room.  Yeah, it never ends!








While I was there I also got to meet someone famous.  So cool!  Cheryl Preheim from Channel 9 News was there with her adorable family.  It’s always nice to meet someone famous and have them be completely down to earth, friendly and absolutely adorable.  Here we are together.  Yup, we’re friends now.  🙂  I also have her permission to put her pic on the blog!

So take a train, a plane or a car, it doesn’t matter how, just get to the Denver Children’s Museum today!  You and your kiddo won’t regret it!


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