Valentine Wreath for me!

I’ve been inspired lately by all of the adorable t-shirt pom pom things being created recently and wanted to make something for me.  Since we were cleaning out dressers this week it was perfect to create this beautiful Valentine’s Day inspired wreath!

I started with a few discarded t-shirts in Valentine’s colors – red, hot pink, light pink and white.

First open one up and cut off the seam at the bottom and side seam if your t-shirts have one.  Then starting at the bottom cut across in approx 1/2 inch rows.  Cut up until the armpits or you reach words or other things that you don’t want showing.Once you have a collection decide if you want solid colored pom poms or multi-colored.  I made one red, one white and one with hot pink and light pink mixed together.Next using heavy cardboard trace and cut two of the exactly same size letter “c” shaped pieces.  If you look in the picture below you see two circles, but I simply didn’t cut one portion out of the circles to create a letter “c”.  My outer circle was approx. 6 inches in diameter.

Once you have your two c shapes wrap one (or two, I used two) strips of t-shirt fabric in the letter c like shown below.  After that place the other “c” directly on top to sandwich in between the cardboard pieces.

Once the fabric is squished into it’s cardboard sandwich begin wrapping the strips of fabric around the cardboard “c”.  Carefully hold the first piece in place and then overlap your wrapping to keep it there.  Continue wrapping it until you’ve done 3 layers.

Once the 3 layers tie the sandwiches strip into a knot to hold everything together while you create your pom pom.  Carefully cut around the outside of the “c”, then tightly tie the long strip together to hold the pom pom pieces.  Trim as desired.

If you want to see the complete tutorial from my FAVORITE craft blog, Craftaholics Anonymous click here.

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