Summer Made Simple: Edible Painting

Yup, that’s right.  I said edible.  It’s super simple, very easy and the kids loved it.  I love the glossy texture to the paintings.  They are so fun!

Simply mix light corn syrup and food coloring together in several small dishes or cups to create the colors you desire.  Have the kids or adults draw a picture using black crayons onto construction paper.

We chose to do a guided fish drawing, meaning that Mommy walked them through the simple drawing step by step.The first {top} one was done by my 6 year old Big Guy and my daughter, my Sweet Girl {8}  did the second one.  The last one was my example.

This would be fun used as scribble art for a little child.  Have them scribble a black blob and have an older child fill in each section with lots of colors.  Flowers would also be pretty.

I didn’t begin the project telling the kids that the paint was edible.  I waited until they got some on their arms and then said, “Well, lick it off.”  I got the strangest look from my son.  Then of course, once he knew he wanted to eat the “paint” straight from the container using the brush.  He had to be told no.  🙂

I think this would be fun with little ones too.  Put them in swim suits, tape their paper to an outdoor table and pour the “paint” on to their paper.  Let them use their fingers to paint the pictures and then have them play in the sprinklers to wash off the sticky sugary paint.

Allow the paintings to dry for a couple days before displaying them.  They dry perfectly shiny like the picture above.

We added a little learning into our project by discussing warm (red, orange & yellow) colors and cool (blue, green & purple).  The goal was to create a warm colored fish surrounded by a cool water scene.  My son almost freaked out when he accidentally started painting the fish head green and remembered that it was a cool color.  I assured him it was fine.

**  As a side note, we used a 12×18 piece of paper and it took a LONG time to paint.  I’d recommend a 9×12 piece instead. **

Happy crafting and happy summer!

(((( DISCLAIMER – Ummm… 3 days later I found my Big Guy with a blue mouth.  After asking him what in the world he had been eating he sheepishly said, “I was licking my fish project.  It tastes SO GOOD!”   Ha ha ha!  In calling it Edible Paint I didn’t actually intend for them to eat it after they made it. ))))

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1 thought on “Summer Made Simple: Edible Painting

  1. Oh my gosh, you had me laughing so hard there at the end. I can just hear you giving the instruction to lick off the paint and you “ha ha ha” when you caught T with a blue mouth. Only you :0)

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