Summer Made Simple: Fishing

Who doesn’t love casting a line and hoping to catch a slimy fish?  (I grew up fishing with my Grandpa, who I am sure is in Heaven fishing right now.)  If you have kids in your house, I’m sure your kiddos would love it too.  We are blessed to live in a beautiful community with a huge lake and park area.

Isn’t it beautiful?  We’ve fished here with the kids the past 3 years and we’ve only caught 2 fish.  It’s the experience that counts right?  They have a blast!

My sweet girl with her “ladies” fishing pole.  Last year they graduated from the little tiny kids poles to medium-sized poles. 

My favorite 3 fisher people, with the exception of my Grandpa of course.

A trip to the park wouldn’t be complete without our Big Beast.  His real name is Charlie, nicknamed Bubba, most often referred to as “The Beast”.  We love him… sometimes.

If you don’t have fishing poles post a request to borrow some on Facebook.  More than likely someone you know has some you can borrow.

Happy Summer!

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