Pinterest Taste Test {3}

Ahh… it’s summer break, I’m relaxed, it’s starting to get hot, life is good.  What do you crave in hot weather?  I constantly crave cold and sweet.  I could seriously live off of ice cold soda, frozen grapes and slushies from Sonic.  I recently pinned this great idea to give me something small, sweet and super cold in these warm summer months.

Yup, it’s frozen yogurt dots.  YUM!  They crunch in your mouth, they cool you off and yeah, it gives my body much needed calcium.  What a deal!  The idea was posted by Jillee at One Good Thing by Jillee.  So glad she pinned to Pinterest or I never would have tried it!  Please follow ‘pinning’ etiquette and visit her site directly if you’d like to pin this to your board.  Thanks!

I had to learn to share these too.  My kids decided they were as yummy as I thought they were.

One warning, make sure that you get them off the cookie tray and back into the freezer quickly and then take them out in small groups to nibble on.  They melt fast and the whole purpose is to pop them in your mouth.  If you can’t use your hands, what’s the point?  🙂  Most freezers tend to have an extra cold zone.  Once you get them off of the cooking tray, just put them in a ziplock back while they are still frozen and put them in the “extra cold zone”.


Hope you and the little ones in your life enjoy these little frozen yogurt drops.


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