Stained Glass Egg Art

I love making pretty things with my preschool students for holidays.  This will remind you of my Valentine stained glass hearts we made in February, but it’s EASTER!

Print off the Egg shape on various colors of construction paper.  You can print the Christian Version or the traditional Easter version.

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Use clear contact paper and strips of tissue paper cut in straight lines, wavy lines, or get creative and use your craft scissors.  When I’m prepping for 24 kiddos I tend to go the simple route.

Have children layer the strips of tissue paper on the clear contact paper.  Once it’s complete, sandwich it between 2 pieces of construction paper and cut out the egg shape.  {I always pre-cut the inside oval out to make it easier.}  If you want a full tutorial with pictures of each step see my Valentine Stained Glass Hearts.

To remind my class of the TRUE reason we celebrate Easter we put a cross onto our clear contact paper PRIOR to adding the strips of tissue paper to end up with the above picture.

Want to know when they truly shine?  When hung in a window.  It brings out all of their stained glass glory!  I purposefully took these pics with no flash to show off the stained glass portion, not the entire project.

Beautiful don’t you think?

Enjoy getting crafty with the little people in your life.  Happy Easter!  HE IS RISEN!  HE IS RISEN INDEED!

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