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Happy Easter!  I am in love with my colorful Easter Banner I made this year.  Yes, it’s the dreaded twine (I used embroidery floss) over balloons.  Sounds fun and messy right!  Well, gather your favorite colored twine, { I couldn’t find twine in the right colors, so I used embroidery floss.} water balloons and some glue.

Step 1:  Blow up several water balloons.  {This can be tricky and make your mind a little fuzzy, but I promise if you endure it will be worth it}.  Don’t mind my drop cloth  🙂

Step 2:  Tape down the part of the balloon that you blow in.  Not sure what its real name is. Let’s call it the “neck”.

Step 3: Mix together equal parts white glue and water.  First I dumped the floss into a cup of the glue/water solution. Umm…  don’t do this.  All I got was a huge tangled mess of embroidery floss.  So instead I used a plate of the solution and zig zagged the floss through it so I could wrap a whole bunch at once.  Wrap the balloons in a random pattern with your soaked twine or floss.

Step 4:  Let them dry {I let mine dry for several days until the balloons started shrinking.}  Pop the balloons and then remove using tiny scissors and tweezers.  These are my fabulous eggs with the wrinkled up, popped balloons still inside.  Pretty right?

FINAL STEP:  String them onto any type of twine, ribbon etc. or just put them in a pretty dish for Easter.

Hope this gets you inspired to create something special for your house for Easter too!  Happy Easter!

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