Summer Made Simple: Intro

My kids just started summer break this past Friday.  I quickly cut out and taped up this fun sign on  the garage to welcome them home.  They loved it! 

Starting summer is exciting enough but announcing it to the neighborhood is even MORE FUN!  Ice cream after school with the neighbors added to the excitement.

This is a summer of change for our family.  Let me explain that in summers passed either my husband or I had a second job and a little extra income.  In addition we were even luckier that last summer my husband worked part time for Delta Airlines.  Not only did we have a little more moola, we also had flight benefits.  We went to the Wisconsin Dells in January, Steamboat Springs, CO AND Orlando Florida in March and over the summer we went to Hawaii, Jamaica and California.  Spoiled?  Most assuredly!

This year, no money, no flight benefits.  The kids keep asking when we’re going on a trip.  It’s hard for them to understand that this summer we aren’t traveling.  Yes, we’ll be doing a camping trip or two, our daughter will go to Girl Scout camp and church camp and our Son Lego camp, but we aren’t traveling (as they know it).

This year I’m committed to having a summer made simple (and cheap AND FUN).  Since we’re both teachers, we will be having a short (45 minute) form of school each day to keep the basics fresh and we’ll spend time exploring local activities.  The cheaper the better.  🙂

The Summer Made Simple series of posts is my attempt to share what we’re doing over here to inspire you anywhere to enjoy summer with your kiddos.  Get out and explore or stay in and get creative with your kiddos.

Happy Summer to you!


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