{Sweet Sponsor Saturday}

Happy Saturday! Summer is one week away and I can almost taste it and it tastes GOOD!

I’d love to introduce you to our sponsor Gallery on the Go. Check them out!

From Gallery on the Go:

In a nutshell…this is what we do

We have painting parties! No that doesn’t mean we paint your walls! We come to you and set up a fabulous painting gallery for all your guests, we bring all the supplies, cover everything up, even provide cute aprons. We instruct a piece of artwork from our Gallery. You can follow our simple instructions or create your own masterpiece. It’s an 11×14 blank canvas and acrylic paint. It’s that easy and truly an amazing time will be had by all.

Gallery On The Go recently opened up the opportunity for individuals to become Independent Gallery Guides. If you are interested in working in an exciting industry, entertaining others and being creative then this may be the opportunity for you.

Individuals do not need to possess an art or business background. All of the material provided in your start up kit will walk you through hosting painting parties and the basics of running your own business. An ideal Gallery Guide would be self-motivated, personable, ability to think quick on their feet and be resourceful. A cheery disposition helps too!

Check out Gallery on the Go at their website!
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