You color my World Valentine

Inspired by a picture on Pinterest I decided to make crayon Valentines to hand out to my Preschool lovelies.  I just have to say that I love Valentine’s Day!

I found the best way to peel paper off crayons was to use a sharp knife to make a slit in the crayon and then most often I could just peel the paper off.

Break the crayons up and put into a heart shaped baking dish and bake at 250 degrees for 15ish minutes {or until all crayons are melted}.

Pop those suckers out after they’ve cooled completely and attach to these cute printable tags!  Just click on the photo below to get the jpg which you can manipulate as desired.

*You’ve requested a pdf version.  Here it is with 4 images on a page Color my World PDF

** Updated Feb. 8…  I attached the crayons to the cards using a hot glue gun.  The glue gun will melt the crayon a tiny bit, but if you place them quickly you’ll have no problem!**

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11 thoughts on “You color my World Valentine

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    • Honestly I just used old crayons that the kids had completely dulled, so I didn’t count. I’m sure 7 packs of crayons should be enough for a class. If you need to make them a little thinner, that should be okay. Have fun!

    • I’ve heard of people on-line using metal pans and then placing them in the freezer to cool before popping out. I’m sure it will work, but the “popping out” might be a little harder. I’d try one batch and then decide if it’s easy enough or not. Good luck! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • I personally used a ton of hot glue {on hot setting}, enough to make the back of the crayon begin to melt a little. I have heard of others using double sided mounting tape and another who used a drill gun to gently drill a tiny hole in each heart and then tied it on. Happy Valentine’s Day Shane!

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