Whoa… big changes are ahead!


Hi everyone!  Our family is going through some major changes right now.  My daughter is currently attending a local charter school that is 2 minutes from our house.  On top of that my hubby teaches there.  Recently we were faced with a big dilemma ..  My daughter’s third grade teacher has decided that she would go to Louisiana for the rest of the year to teach at another school within the charter school company.

Needless to say my little Third grade Princess will have a Long-term substitute for the rest of year.  Considering my hubby and I are both licensed teachers we started praying about what to do for our daughter.  We just want the best for her.

We have decided to homeschool her from January to May.  It will surely be an interesting adventure.  Pray for us!!!

I finally had both kids in school full-time and a little “me time”.  Now, suddenly I will have another kid home all the time and not only that, I don’t get to hang out with her, I actually have to prepare and plan lessons to make sure she’s learning PLUS run by preschool business.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited but also a little nervous.  I’m excited to be able to focus in on some gaps that we’re noticing in her education like math facts, writing skills, computer typing and art history.  I’m excited to be able to truly bring “learning to life” through real life experiences and for our relationship to grow.  My hubby (who currently teaches 5th grade and specializes in Math) is going to “own” her math education which takes a little off my plate.

I just love my beautiful girl!!!

Be patient with me as blogging will be hit or miss, but I hope to post as much as possible of the fun things that I’m doing with my Preschool lovelies and maybe some BONUS items for older kids!


Sunday Snapshots

Whew! What an amazing couple weeks we’ve had. We’ve been super busy with birthday parties, baseball games and TONS of end of the school year projects and activities.

My baby girl turned 8 last weekend. We celebrated at a local skating rink with several cute little ladies. It was a great time, bruised knees and all.

My Big Guy had his first baseball game. This year he plays machine pitch. Wow. Who knew a six year old could hit a ball flying at him 34 miles an hour?  He did great. Proud Mama over here!

With his baseball team my Big Guy got to walk the warning track at Coors field and then enjoy a Rockies game. What a lucky duck!

Have an amazing weekend everyone!

Sunday Snapshots

Sundays at our house are about celebrating the Lord and all He’s done for us.  It’s a chance to worship and be a family.  Here’s a little about what happened in “real life” not “blog world” for our little family.

What a great week it’s been.  The school year is beginning to wind down and we are counting the days until Summer break.  Having both parents as teachers means that summer is concentrated family time and we look forward to it each year!  I only have 8 preschool work days until we’re off for the summer.   WOWzers!

This week my kiddos had field day at their school.  Can I just say how blessed I feel to be able to attend some of these special days.  Being a Mom can be glorious and you can pull your hair out all in the same day.  It keeps things interesting.  🙂

This is my sweet girl getting ready to participate in the tug-of-war game.  Super fun and it was even better when we did adult vs. a whole class of second graders.  We won… BARELY.

My little guy just lives for sports, any kind, it doesn’t matter.  The other parents were surprised how natural he was swinging a golf club when some of the other kids looked clueless about how to even hold the thing.  I attribute it to baseball.  Instead of swinging across you swing down.  Shouldn’t be that hard for him.  He looks really old and big in this picture.  I can’t believe he’ll be in full day school (First Grade) in the fall.  I’m not sure Mommy’s ready for that.

Last weekend was my birthday.  Yeah, I’m 34.  I don’t feel that old, but I am.  Oh well!  At least I can say that in general I’m actually healthier now then I was 10 years ago.  My family and I went out to celebrate the occasion at Vesta Dipping Grill.  If you live in the Denver area and have never been there, go!  It’s my fave.  It’s also pricey so a special occasion might be called for depending on your family’s going out budget.

Have a fantastic weekend.  God bless and happy crafting!

Sunday Snapshots

This week I decided that I am going to do something new…  I’m going to add a little bit of personal stuff on my new baby blog.  I don’t know if you are anything like me, but I love reading personal posts from bloggers that I follow, so I thought maybe my readers might like to know a little more about little old me and my cute family.  🙂  Tune out if you aren’t interested.  It’s okay, I promise.  🙂

Life is hectic lately.  Finding balance between all of the things I love has been very difficult for me and there are times I feel like I’m doing tons of things, but nothing well.  The great thing is that God provides new life and new opportunities moment by moment.  So I push on and attempt to find my focus in Him.  Despite all of the craziness we’ve been able to have some fun time as a family.

  1.   We had the opportunity to attend a Mammoth lacrosse game and go in the tunnel before the game to give the players high fives.  In this picture my little guy is feeling VERY nervous about the whole thing.
  2. After a few minutes in the tunnel he started warming up.  Can you tell?  What a little ham.  My sweet girl was totally into it from the get go!
  3. My sweet girl had a Second grade concert this week {she’s on the left}.  It was so adorable watching them sing and not knowing what the heck they were saying.  (Yes, they sang a song in another language)  Oh well, still super cute.  Does anyone else tear up at those things?  I always do.  I’m a sappy sucker!
  4. I had the opportunity to take a day off of work to go on a field trip to the zoo with my little Kindergarten boy.  Can’t believe he’ll be in first grade so soon.  All day without him will be hard.  The zoo was super fun.  The best part was the crazy bears who were wrestling and fighting.  The kids watched them for 30+ minutes!  Here are few pics of those crazy bears.Can you see the 2 bears in that picture?  I’ve never seen them playing like that.  So funny! He was COMPLETELY mesmerized by the bears and his Capri Sun!
    What a cute bear hanging out in the water in a tire.  🙂

I hope that God blesses your week and allows you some amazing moments with the ones you love most.

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