Introducing “Write It!”

I am so excited that part of my dream is beginning to come true.  I am beginning write my own curriculum!!  I know,  AHHHHH!!!  Totally scary and fun at the same time!

Write It Intro cover

All of this excitement has stemmed from the multiple A-Z curricula I piece together as I teach one letter a week.  (Curricula is a weird plural version of curriculum, believe me, I looked it up.)  I’m working on creating my own A-Z printables and this is the first set I’m sharing with you.Write It Sample Pic

My students complete this page as one of their letter learning activities.  We teach letter formation over a few days in creative ways and this page is the culmination of what they’ve learned.  The top portion is to “rainbow write” both the capital and lower case letters with crayon.  The middle portion is to practice writing each letter with a pencil and the bottom rectangle is intended for the student to draw something beginning with the letter.

This 26 page custom made set is available HERE in my store for just $1.99.

Keep an eye out for MORE A-Z sets in the next few weeks/months!  Happy learning!

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