Farm Pop-up Book Printables

Our Pre-K year is quickly coming to a close.  That means these sweet little ones need to be completely ready for Kindergarten. 

To help them prepare we have begun guided writing.  Don’t know what that is?  Well, it’s exactly as it sounds.  You guide the children through the process of writing letter by letter, direction by direction {where to start on the lines, where to stop, how to leave finger spaces etc.}  It’s a slow process, but a great method to begin to really teach penmanship.

We are making Farm Pop-up books!  Over the next 3 weeks we’ll complete this 4 page book using guided writing.  I love the way the cow pops off the page.

The kiddos add the background to the picture before gluing on the cow.

If you’d like to download the farm pop-up book animals you can download them here.

I have made some super simple paper you can use if you’d like to make one too.  I created 4 varieties of paper depending on where your child is at in the writing process.

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Download:  Option 1,   Option 2,   Option 3,   Option 4

Happy farm writing, or really anything writing since the papers aren’t specific!


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