Letter t Turtle

Okay, so with all of the excitement with my “You’ve been Egged” post, this is sort of lame.   But, it’s something we actually did and the kids LOVED it.  That’s most important to me.  🙂   If you also think this post might be a little lacking, check back tomorrow.  You are going to LOVE what I’m posting!!!  Oh and if you haven’t seen the You’ve Been Egged post, check it out!  It’s super fun.  {Think Booed, Easter style}

To help us learn the letter shape for “t” we made silly little turtles using construction paper, tissue paper and google eyes.  First I cut out a t shape from construction paper.  I made the “head” and “front legs” rounded at the end and the bottom of the t pointed.

The kids glued on oval “shells”, google eyes and “back legs”.  To make the letter shape visible while the turtle wears his shell, the turtle was made out of tissue paper.  Have fun, the kids will love this project and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for something you won’t want to miss.

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