Dental Health

Did you know February is dental health month?  With all of the Valentine’s candy consumed, I suppose it makes perfect sense.  To help my kiddos remember to brush regularly I created a week long calendar for them to mark their morning and nighttime brushing.  After completing it they get to return it for a special prize.  PDF Download Some good prizes would be:  tooth eraser, pencil, kids flossers, new toothbrushes etc.

We will also be discussing what’s good for our teeth.  {No sticky and sugary foods}  We will sort on a plate good for our teeth choices & bad for our teeth choices.  Download the PDF here.

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Just for fun we also painted with toothbrushes.  The kids thought it was silly and enjoyed it bunches!  We also ordered tooth pics by size.  I got that from the Kidsoup website and don’t have the rights to post it for free.

Have fun with dental health.  It is super important to begin good brushing and flossing skills prior to getting adult teeth.

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